2 Pack Organic Tiny Fruits - 4 Flavors

What the hell?

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2 Pack Organic Tiny Fruits - 4 Flavors
$3.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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what the Duck!


Condition: New

Well that’s a relief

I spoke with the owner of Little Duck during a flight from Portland to Milwaukee. He was a very interesting individual.

I have no opinion about his fruity business, however.

Ooh look! ORGANIC Bundles of Cruft!

LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

This is VERY expensive. $2 for 1 oz. of dried fruit???

but it’s organic non-gmo magic fruit!

Organic can be very scary. I guess it depends on where you are sitting, or standing when you say the word. Compost is another one. Food and those words are not very appealing to me when put together.

Shipping made it expensive. Would buy if i have already bought something else earlier.

It depends on whether or not they give us a Bag to Crap it all in, next.

Wouldn’t bet on a Bee oh Cee.

ok if they offered free shipping, this stuff is still crazy expensive even for organic…come on


Eh, I’ve got free shipping, why not. In for one.

I would actually buy this as treats for my sugar glider if shipping wasn’t $5 - that pretty much makes it a non-deal.

Whoever invented these must’ve been a quack.