2 Pack Organic Tiny Fruits - 4 Flavors

In for three, for sure!

Fleas are organic, want some?

I was going to get some since I have unlocked free shipping, but then I saw that they are for children and I am an ADULT!


Tiny fruit originally is expensive. But woot’s price is very good comparing to many health-food store or farmer markets. Dried fruits are not cheap even when it is not organic.

goodness, these things are moving molasses slow.

Buy some seeds, plant your own, and know what is in them. Internet and organic just seem to cancel each other out.

My baby refused to eat these.
Well, she is thirteen…

I was going to buy 5 to keep in my drawer at work til I read this:

Dissolves quickly in your kiddo’s mouth and the tiny pieces are easy for small hands to hold

I have big hands :frowning:

I’m sorry, the prices for what used to be the norm,to eat, are completely out of touch with reality. I refuse to buy such products, and go to the nearest gardener/farmer, spring him a few bucks, and walk away with a bag full of goodies. I dry them myself, and have bags and bags of stuff to eat.

…wait… if everyone says what a great deal this is, maybe there are enough band wagon schumcks to get them out of the way and us onto the next thing

I ordered one of these a while back for the heck of it as I’d already earned free shipping. It’s not even a mouthful. (of course my mouth is slightly larger than a toddler)

even so… for the money
you’d be far better served to get organic dried fruit from your local health food store and portion it out yourself for baby. good grief.

woot: the ducks are going to end up divided between the next round of grab bags… give it up and go to the next one please!

going duck hunting jk

Woot, you really need to stop buying stuff you know nobody will want. Like those PowerBalance scamcelets over on sellout.woot. And this.

These are not the B0Cs we are looking for.

Buy these!! They are so yummy! Great snacks to take hiking/camping, etc.
Come on wooters!

I used to say that too. Then woot sold out. It wasn’t even listed for sale on sellout woot!. I’d have bought some shares had they went that way. So now I just don’t care. I am purely here for a bacon on cheeseburger. Amazon makes tons of money, and I don’t really think my purchase makes a difference to them.

I agree whole heartedly. But since Amacrap bought it, they use it to dump Amacrap products on us all. They call us the SUCKERS, and they’re right.

They are moving like organic and expensive non-GMO molasses

Who would have guessed that a little duck could bring this Woot circus to a halt?

I’m thinking PIZZA for dinner. Anyone else? I just can’t decide what kind, or from who.

happens all the time.