2-Pack Origami Pop It R1407 Shelves

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2-Pack Origami Pop It R1407 Shelves
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I know some of you wooters have these so let’s get some reviews posted. Easy quality posts!!

I have one of these with the castors and it’s an amazing invention. Folds up out of the way fairly easily. The only drawback is that unless you have a tall ceiling, you have to tilt it to swing the top shelf over to lock in place when setting up.

If these had castors on them i would buy in a heartbeat. If you plan on needing temporary storage or shelving, and won’t be sliding around, get them.

What an incredible marketing coup!! A TWO PACK!!! WOW!

I know, right!?!?!

I think I’ve bought every Origami offering (some twice) except this, because of the lack of casters. Great product. Strong and well made, but I do like to be able to move them around. So, no casters, no buy.

Totally agree - casters a must - Would buy 3 sets if they had 'em, but without 'em? then I’ll have to pass.

These are the best shelves. I have about 5 sets this size and four of the smaller size. I was about to buy these and saw they had no casters… that blows! Great shelves, but the beauty of them is the ease they pop up and then roll!!

While I’ve never tried it, I’m assuming that with threaded ends, the included feet could be replaced by casters. I wonder if these would work: https://www.amazon.com/Origami-Part-Rack-Wheel-Shelf-Wheels/dp/B004BR1TEY

I noticed these shelves were called “Origami ‘Pop It’ shelves”. Is there any quality difference between the original Origami shelves and the Pop-It shelves?

I’ll add to the comments that I have a couple sets of these shelves, but the casters make the difference for me as well. I like being able to wheel them out of the way as needed.

Great light to medium duty shelves that set up in a pinch (a minute or two), much faster than the standard shelving units they’re standing next to in the garage, helping to keep the clutter off the floor, so far so good!

Great to use for shows/expos. Easy fold down and setup. I’ve got a bunch. You can use the casters from the other origami on these if you need to.

Is it possible to apply casters to these shelves ?

Casters are great if your floors are even. But in a 116 year old farmhouse, something flat and non-rolling is needed for shims, etc.

These are lighter duty:

Comparable to the Origami R5, but handles 175lbs per shelf instead of 250lbs

Castors available on Amazon 3 different sizes for different wt capacity

Should be. Available at Amazon

Amazon has castors for these shelves