2-Pack Oversized Quick-Dry Bath Sheets

Something tells me that MSRP is wildly inflated. I know bath sheets are usually stupid expensive, but no way 2 of them are $165. If you want my 2 cents, buy beach towels and use them as bath sheets.

wtf is a “bath sheet”?

An over-sized bath towel.

In my day we called them ‘bed towels’.

I’d click a “Like” button for that.

Here is the product at Amazon:


$31.99 + $4.99 shipping

450 GSM? That’s pretty thin. if they were 650-750 GSM that would be a good price

But then they wouldn’t dry as quick…

The ones on Amazon are 400 GSM, not 450.


$31.99 + $4.99 shipping

Bath sheets are really,really big and unwieldy but if you’re a big person they’re terrific. No more trying to dry yourself with a damp towel.

I get 900 GSM towels from the mothership. Personally I love heavier, thicker bath towels but many people do not like the weight.

With the thicker towels, I find they dry just as quickly as the thin towels when you use them to dry off from a shower/bath. They are both holding the same about of water and seem to dry about the same speed. Of course if you drop the thicker towels in the tub they will take a very long time to dry unless you wring them out as the thicker towels can absorb a much larger amount of water.

First glance, I thought this:
Dimensions: 35" x 66"
Country of Origin: India

Claimed that the Dimensions were the size of the country of India. I was very surprised and impressed for a moment.

Why does the towel color “Taupe” look Olive Green? Taupe is a redish tan color like this:


My wife and I have a few of these. Some we bought at BB&B, some we bought here. They are really nice IMO. The first few uses are very soft, even with just an air dry. The oldest ones we have now are about 2.5 years old and are still really soft. This is tempting to buy, even though we don’t really need more…

point me to that mothership. i am in need of new bath sheets of better than average quality.

** What’s the force?? **


I don’t woot much anymore, now that woot started charging tax + shipping, brings down the competitive edge, especially on these ** thin** “bath sheets.” I would rather buy thicker “sleep towels” that didn’t cost $165 (MSRP) than these sheets, IMHO!

I checked with the buyers. It’s likely just lighting in the photos and differences in monitors.

These are terrible. They shed an unholy amount of fuzz when laundered.