2-Pack Oversized Spa Collection Bath Sheets

What is a bath sheet? I have never heard that term before in my life other than regarding toilet paper and that does not look like toilet paper.

Bath sheets are just “oversized” bath towels.

What is the construction or finish of the towels? How were they made?

They’re seriously awesome - normal people can actually wrap them all the way around themselves and not suffocate or risk flashing people accidentally. We have them for us and guests at the house and people always ask about them.

We love bath sheets, but I wouldn’t consider them “oversized” unless they were approaching 70".

Are these towels thick, plush or just bath sheet size


These are smaller than the last time WOOT sold bath sheets.

The last ones were 40" x 70" & made in Turkey

These are 35" x 66" & made in India.

Wow. That is CONSIDERABLY smaller!

Are these organic cotton? Do you guys pay the return postage if they have thread pulls ?

They are not organic. Our return policy is linked in my signature.

Pretty much just bath sheet size. I have smaller bath towels from Martex that are thicker and more plush.