2-Pack Rocketbook Smart Notebooks

This looks to have been a pretty successful Kickstarter and most backers seem to be pretty happy with it, though hot regions or cars can apparently mess with how well the Everlast works. This is well below the backer price for a two-pack, too.

It was on Shark Tank too.

> so your digital notes are more crisp and vibrant than the real thing.

Yeah… Reality is crisp enough for me, thank you very much. I think I will stick with my trusty, old-fashioned, tried-and-true pencil and paper.

So, is it “infinitely” reusable or just reusable up to five times?

Just pointing out that they are selling two versions, the Everlast and the Wave. Per specs the Everlast can be reused indefinitely but the Wave can only be reused 5 times.

The Everlast can be erased using a damp cloth while the Wave requires a microwave.
On the other hand the Wave has 80 pages in each notebook while the Everlasting has 36 (letter size) and 32 (executive size).

I have not used either before but an excited about trying the Everlast out.

I had a question but I found my answer. It sounds like the notebooks can only use one type of pen so the usefulness of the notebooks depend on ink availability.

So I checked on the Pilot FriXion. It’s a pen with erasable gel ink that can be used on regular paper. According to the reviews it works better than the traditional erasable ink but has one problem–the ink disappears in heat and cold extremes. So people using the Pilot FriXion have lost notes by leaving notebooks in hot cars but that was using regular paper.

So I guess these notebooks give more control?

I would like hear from someone with experience with these notebooks.

Ha, saw this on shark tank and thought it was a waste. Now it’s on woot!

I think I’ve spent a grand total of $10 on notebooks my entire life. Definitely would have a hard time spending 50 to do the same thing I can do at the dollar store for… a dollar.

Reviews on the Everlast on Amazon are mostly positive. One post mentions the ink is heat sensitive.


I’m posting a lot on this because I am looking for the right tools to go paperless and decided to share what I find out.

Got the Everlast from their Kickstarter for my daughter who will be starting 11th grade and she absolutely loves it. She used it for a college camp last month and used it to take all her notes, sync them to the cloud, and then leveraged the OCR for note searching. She plans to only carry this notebook this next year.

Apparently every kid in the camp loved it and wanted one. Going to pick this up for Christmas/Birthday gifts.

I tried it and it is nice and works well, but I use an iPad Pro + Pencil combo thus don’t really see the point.

With a Frixion pen, this will work with any paper or notebook without metal fasteners.

Need this for my next secret mission. (Insert Mission Impossible theme.)

Yes, the hamsters threw an office party and didn’t tell us. DEVs we’re able to coax them back to work.

The Wave has limited re-usability. The Everlast has unlimited re-usability. I have both sizes of the Everlast and use it multiple times a day. The writing is smooth (I’m picky), and the images go where they are supposed to go and are crisp and clear.

I got in on the Kickstarter for the Everlast, and I LOVE my notebooks. I have both sizes. One I use for work, and the other stays in my purse.

I have to write things down to remember them, but I can’t stand having papers laying around. So, my process before was to write, scan, and then file away digitally. Lots of steps, but it was what I needed to do.

Now, I write, snap a picture, and it files for me. I do review what gets over digitally to rename it, but that is it.

I highly recommend!

For some of us, this is not about the cost of paper vs. the notebooks but rather about time. I actually love writing on paper, but I don’t like have paper sitting around. Therefore, I would write and then scan every piece and file digitally. That takes a lot of time. This let’s me speed up my workflow saving me tons of time. Can’t speak for others, but that is definitely worth the $30 that I spent.

Forgive my ignorance but what if you want to erase just one page in the Wave book. Can you do that or will it erase all the pages once you stick it in there. What setting on the microwave do you use? And what do I use when my microwave goes on the fritz? I suppose my convection oven won’t work, just wondering. Seriously, do you put your microwave on defrost or pizza or what?

So the best feature of this notebook is forcing yourself to clean the microwave?

Target has spiral note books on sale for 39 cents this week…(back to skhool)…jus saying…

This is way tempting, as I’ve always wanted one. But if you don’t want to spend the money, you can print them yourself and simply get the Rocketbook app.