2-Pack Rocketbook Smart Notebooks

No, they are just a bit more durable than regular paper and have plastic bindings so you can put the whole notebook in the microwave.

The pens are great by the way. I was using them for a long time before I even knew that I could microwave the whole page/notebook.

The notebooks also have icons and such so you can scan them into their app. I would do as one person suggested and print a page via PDF and try out the app. If you don’t like that I don’t see the point in the notebook.

The Everlast does not advertise that it saves to OneNote, but the Wave does. Assume this is tied to the app, not the notebook?

I work in finance where I must shred my notebooks due to confidential information on my clients. This could be my answer!

I’ve been interested in these notebooks for a while now, might be a fun toy to woot.

On the pens.
I sew. I’ve been using Frixion pens for years on both fabric and paper.

IIRC, some sewists contacted Pilot to ask about using it on fabric. It’s not made for that (sometimes when you iron it away, you’re left with a white ghost of your writing). That ghost is the thermally sensitive ink. Supposedly, your writing re-appears in freezing temperatures, so just throw your page in the freezer and it should all reappear.

What I do with Frixion is make marks on fabric that won’t show in the finished product (the seam allowance, although living in a tropical climate, it doesn’t really matter) and I’ll make notes on my paper patterns specific to whatever I’m making at the time. When I’m done, I’ll take a very very light iron and make all of those notes disappear. (I’m not advocating doing this because it is a fire hazard)

Anyway, here’s a note from Pilot’s Frixion pen page:
“*Erasable pens are not recommended for use on legal or official documents.
Do not expose to extreme temperatures (<14°F,>140°F).
If pen is exposed to temperature that reaches 140°F, the ink will be colorless when writing. To restore color, cool to at least 14°F in freezer and the ink will again write in color”

Link: http://pilotpen.us/categories/frixion-erasable-ink-pens/frixion-ball-clicker/

Problem is, someone could just throw one of those notebooks in the freezer and see everything that was written. (At least for the microwavable one. I’m guessing the washable one might wash the ink away?) If I were dealing with confidential information, I’d definitely do some testing or research before using. :slight_smile:

I discovered RocketBook through a co-worker just after their original Indigogo campaign ended. Since there was no way to get a notebook at that time, I downloaded their PDF, printed out a bunch of copies, and comb-bound them together to make my own.

I have to say, the system works pretty well. You simply write on the page, check off an icon on the bottom of the page to indicate which cloud service the note should be sent to, and then you snap a picture. If you send your notes to Evernote (which is what I mostly do), Evernote OCRs it and makes it searchable (and the OCR is pretty accurate…though my handwriting is fairly neat, YMMV).

The FriXion pens work pretty well, too. They write smooth and don’t smudge, at least on the regular copy paper my notebook is made from. You can erase them by using the hard plastic nub on the top of the page (or cap, depending on model), but it does leave a residue that makes it harder to write over–this is why the Wave notebook is said to be reusable 5 times. I haven’t tried microwaving my bootleg notebooks, though, so I can’t vouch for that process. I guess I could, since they don’t have any metal, but I haven’t.

I might seriously consider buying the Everlast executive set. I’d prefer to have a smaller notebook and I like the though of being able to wipe it clean and reuse it forever.

Yes, it is tied to the app. At the bottom of the page is a set of icons. You associate each icon with a cloud service in the app then, when you snap the picture of the page, your notes are sent to the service(s) you check. I mainly use Evernote when I use the app, but they support several different services.

Don’t forget that you will be writing with a pen and that will leave indentions. This makes it a little difficult to reuse the page again because the pen gets caught in the old grooves. Also, if you are trying to do something on the DL someone could still do a rubbing of your page and get your “erased” information…

I am a Systems Engineer, working in Agile, for me the Everlast has been fantastic. I can take all my notes in meetings, then push them to OneNote, and I don’t have to chew through 3-4 notebooks a year, thus satisfying my green side.

Sure you can use the Frixion on normal paper, but after erasing so much, it does eat away the paper, with the Everlast, it is like a portable wet erase marker board. I paid $34 for a single notebook, wish I would have waited another month for this deal.

Mine is strictly for work, and was appealing due to how many normal notebooks I go through in a year.

So… can this auto-integrate with Google Keep?

“but you can sync your notes to the cloud!”

that’s what Evernote is for — and it’s free

With the Evernote app on my phone, not only can I take notes, on my phone, but record audio notes, and, yes, take snaps of my written notes — plus things like whiteboards after meetings — and they all get synced, with OCR.

Yes, Evernote’s pricing model has changed recently. And yes, there were some privacy isues, which were addressed (look them up), but I don’t see any certifications from this app vendor that they’re NOT reading all the notes you save to the cloud.

Don’t like Evernote? Use Microsoft’s OneNote. Use Google’s Keep, for that matter.

I bought pens with disappearing ink — after a day or two the writing vanishes. Cost me maybe $5.

Thank you for the excellent suggestion. I was very excited until I ran a demo.

Better 2-packs would have been one of each size.

The Frixion lines disappear with heat, but they are still there, they are not removed with heat. If you cool it off, they return.

Thank you! I had the same thought.

the Wave isn’t really designed to be erased one page at a time, but, rather, all at once in the microwave. However, you can pull it off with a good hairdryer. just make sure it is a pretty strong hairdryer - some of the tiny weak ones don’t get hot enough.

both the Wave and the Everlast use FriXion pens, which have ink that turns clear at 140 degrees F. This is a very high temperature, but some people have reported turning ink clear in a very hot car, or if they put a hot bowl of pasta on it. You can restore color by popping the notebook in the freezer for a few minutes. The freezer fix trick works great with the everlast, because there is never more than one layer of ink on the page, as you wipe it off every time. The freezer fixer trick might no work great with the Wave in the case where you have multiple layers of clear ink that you might be restoring.
So use the app to capture your notes before you leave it in the car in arizona in the summer!

the wave is good for 5 or so times. The Everlast is endlessly reusable, hence the name

if it gets over 140 F, the ink from FriXion pens turn clear. If that happens, you can pop it in the freezer to restore the ink to it’s full color.

Rocketbook didn’t get a deal on Shark Tank but nonetheless they’ve been blowing up since. They launched the everlast and color (a rocketbook made for kids, now on kickstarter) after their appearance.

They made their own after-the-shark video on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RfRF-G1KTI&t=1s