2-Pack Solar LED Gutter/Fence Lights

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2-Pack Solar LED Gutter/Fence Lights
Price: $19.99
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Do I get enough sunlight on the east side of the building to charge these up? And will my HOA allow them?

Bought 3 sets of these last time they were offered - none of hem worked.

hmmm i almost pulled the trigger

Oh no! I hope you contacted Customer Service about that!

Really? I’m about to order a set now. I hope all goes well for me

You can find 6 and 8 packs of the same light on amazon for only a few more dollars.

I just looked, and the lumens on the Amazon ones are much lower. These are brighter.

So - 60 lumens per set?

Does that mean 30 lumens each? Sounds fairly weak to me.

I visited your place. If you trim the tree limbs back that are overhanging your first floor gutter you should be okay. I also spoke to your HOA. They said yes.

Oh, and I noticed that you’ve got a little mold on your north-facing siding. Recommend you spray some Wet & Forget on it.

I like these lights - I bought four the last time. Perfect on the eaves to light my flag at night, one over a gate, a couple on the shed.

I believe 450 lm is equivalent to 40 W incandescent.

Are these motion sensitive, or do they come automatically on like solar path lights?

They’re path/accent lights. You’re not supposed to read by them.

If this is the same thing as what is at Amazon, then Woot costs $3 more plus shipping. Come on woot! Be cheaper.

I bought a pair last time, followed the instructions before using them (charge for 12 hours in sunlight) and they have worked perfectly ever since (about 3 months now).

Link? I don’t see anything close here.