2 Pack: Solar Window LED LITEOWL

LITEOWL is your nocturnal solar powered night light from Touch Of ECO. Say goodbye to outlet plug-ins and battery operated lights that always die. LITEOWL is a two pack set of solar powered rechargeable night lights that go on automatically when the lights go out and go off when the lights go on. No more turning your night lights on and off each night! Plus as an added bonus your LITEOWL set comes with TWO FREE glow in the dark adhesive outlet covers that make finding your light switch at night a synch.


Two of mine don’t work. Sat them in the AZ sun all day long and worked for maybe 10 minutes and gave up it’s life to the darkness. Maybe the AZ sun is too much for these little guys. Wish me luck; going to sacrifice the other two to the sun and see if I have any more success.

I figured it out! My windows are the problem, they do not allow these little guys to charge. I placed them outside, in direct sunlight all day and they are working just fine. But because of this issue, they are pretty worthless to me since I doubt that I will be taking them down and charging them every time they are in need of juice. Just something for people to keep in mind if you are thinking of purchasing these.