2-Pack Swiffer Wet Jet All-In-One Kits

2-Pack Swiffer Wet Jet All-In-One Kits
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New


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1/26/2016 - $19.99 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (4 comments)

How many pads come with this set?

It’s a good deal. At the grocery store close to where I live, it is $20 per starter kit.

Have one right now. But the current one will break. It is not like this thing will expire, so I grab one from woot!.

I don’t know the terminology for these things so please be patient.

Is this for what is shown in the picture? The mop and the replaceable things that get thrown away?

The specs say 19" long, that is one short mop.

Unless you don’t have a Swiffer mop, please don’t buy this.

With shipping, you’ll end up spending $24.99 on 10 pads and one liter of cleaning solution. (oh! and 2 mops!!!)

That same $25 elsewhere can get you 2 mopless WetJet Refill Packs which will net you 2.5 liters of solution and 20 pads (and if you happen to prefer target.com, shipping is free for orders over $25 and currently, purchasing 2 select household items gets you a $5 gift card #NotAnAd)

Little wordy for a Woot-off, but here we are…

Love Swiffer Wet Jets. Ordered 3.

I’m not sure if this was such a great deal. The Woot sale was to receive 2 starter kits. Well, they are not individually boxed. They are packaged in a cellophane/plastic wrapping that is supposed to hang in the display shelf at retail store. You ONLY get 2 extra Swiffer pads per package, total of 4 pads, and enough cleaning solution to get you started per pack.