2 Pack - Twisted Oak Tanner Vineyard Syrah 2004 & Randomly Selected 2003 or 2005

2 Pack - Twisted Oak Tanner Vineyard Syrah 2004 & Randomly Selected 2003 or 2005
$42.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2004 Tanner Vineyard Syrah
1 2003 Tanner Vineyard Syrah or 2005 Tanner Vineyard Syrah
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I am a total wine woob, but have in my aimless meanderings uncovered a preference for syrahs. They don’t seem to come up on the woots as often as some other reds.

Should I buy lots and lots of these guys?

That’s just mean. I get the email today that the Twisted Few shipment is getting ready to ship, and then THIS pops up.

Mean. Cruel. Evil.

Especially since I can afford EITHER my Twisted Few shipment OR this. And since my TF shipment is going to have that amazing Graciano this time… well, guess I’m going to have to pass.

As much as that hurts.


yippie! I got one!

where are your parenthesis?

A + (B or C)


(A + B) or C

It matters!

Quite simply: yes :slight_smile:

El Jefe…are these the same as the bottles I’ve got that are just labeled “Calaveras County”? The 2003’s I picked up when a few of us were there in Feb over D&D weekend, that is?

I’m surprised that this is so much more expensive than the PS bottles I bought earlier in the year. Granted, these come with a couple extra years’ age…

Yes. Twisted Oak is the $%#!. el jefe makes good stuff. Lucky me, I already have some of these in the cellar :slight_smile:

Aach, right winery, wrong wine. I’ll be waiting for some tempranillo or Spaniard! I had my first bottle of Spaniard over Labor Day weekend and it was as good as everybody says. Nice wine!

A + (B or C)

These score reasonably well on WE… high 80’s… all appear to be pretty tannic, so may do well to lay down for a while, although if you get a random 03 that might be hitting the yum zone pretty soon. The deal looks like 33% off list, and given El Jefe’s considerable skills, well worth a buy if you have a taste for Syrah and perhaps a bit of patience.

I believe so. I don’t think they started actually labeling them with “Tanner Vineyard” until the 2004. The write-up calls the 2003 “Calaveras County”.

Oh noes, I only have the 2003 and then 2006! CRAP! Fret fret… do I try and hope I get the 2005? Ugh. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!

Wait. No Graciano? GAH! DUDE!

Not that I know what you paid for your wine, but on the Twisted Oak website the Petit Sirah is listed at $24, while the Tanner Vineyard is $32.

Too bad you’re so far away…we could go in on a couple sets lottery style. I’d be happy adding some 2004 and 2005, but really not sure I can justify it at the moment. Then there’s that Graciano, and I’m waiting for the Sir Ron Yeah and my missing vintages of Parcel 17 to become available. Maybe this means I should pass.

I have to agree. I’m having my basement finished, including a cellar room (uncooled, at present) and REALLY intend to attempt to try to maintain a SIWBM. I was a bit astonished, myself, when I actually saw my wine collection all together in one spot for all to see. I held out on the Victory, as I already have 10 bottles of it in my Wellington collection.

In for 2.

Must. stop. buying. wine. Really. I mean it. List some crappy stuff.

Actually all of these are designated Tanner Vineyard (which is in Calaveras County). We also had a Calaveras-designated Syrah which was a blend of a couple vineyards. Sounds like (and as I recall) you have the latter.

I stand corrected :wink: Now where’s my Graciano?