2-Packs of Fila Five-Toe Socks

I got three 2-packs of these last time they came through - they’re no Injinjis, but they’re just fine.

Mine seemed a bit small for the size - I wear size 10.5 shoes and bought accordingly, and they are WAY TIGHT.



Would you buy the next size up, if you were to buy again? I wear the exact same size shoes as you.

Has anyone found a size guide?

Edit: Nevermind. You just have to click further into the sale.

Love these - got the small/medium. I’m a size 7 women’s sneaker.

Hurm. I bought Injinis according to the size table and they’re quite tight on my 12.5 feet. These are a good price, relatively speaking, so I suppose I ought to try…

We’ve got a couple five-fingers in the house. I have injinji socks, and I have these. These are awesome. Are they as good as injinji socks? Since Injinji socks are laced with solid platinum, I would say n… What? Injinji socks aren’t laced with platinum? Oh…so…what’s the big deal about injinji socks? Nothing. Injinji came first. That is all. These are great, too. Moisture wicking properties are nice (and sorely needed with five fingers shoes).

Are you a cotton-is-king type of sock consumer? Well, we’re all entitled to our prejudices. I would argue, though, that a quick glance through modern athletic-wear textiles and technologies would have you reconsider your luddistic ways; cotton sucks, if you’re sweating.

edit: size-wise: I’m 'a size 8, which is at the top end of sm/med. I fit 'em fine. my SO is a size 5, which is at the small end of sm/med. It’s juuuuust small enough for her. SooooI’d say it’s pretty size accurate, although there’s no telling whether you have huge fat toes on your size 8 foot.

I was in for 3 last time these were on sale, and I don’t regret it! I only regret that I had to buy black then and now I have the opportunity to buy white… hmmm.

I wear a size 10-11 in Women’s sizes, and I thought that the Medium/Large size was perfect for me. Medium/Large claims to be large enough to accommodate up to a size 14 in Women’s, but I doubt that would be comfortable. The sizes of the toe pockets were just a little bit big but worked out fine.

I also have a pair of injinji toe socks, and I think the quality (other than the size issue) is totally comparable. The material of the injinjis might be slightly thinner. I use mine in regular sneakers (because my toes like to encroach on each other’s territory). The only thing I prefer about the injinji socks are that injinjis go up the ankle just a little bit more. These Filas are barely high enough to stay above my shoes, but it has not been a problem.

I wear 10.5 shoes and Large Injinji fit me well. Should I purchase Large or Extra Large for these socks?

Thanks for the heads-up! I was going to buy but the short injin’s are barely high enough for my liking already :frowning:

I’ll pass. I’ve got big feet and these run small.

Also, my feet sweat more than average; Fully-synthetic socks become a slippery mess by the end of the day, and promote stinky fungusy grossness in shoes. Cotton or a cotton/wool/poly blend is much more comfortable for extended wear.

Synthetic sport socks are ok if you’re planning on wearing them for a game over just a couple hours, or for high school kids who need stuff to dry off in their locker. But most of the "wicking"claims are promo nonsense (= varying degrees of clammy). For daylong wear, spend a little more and get some nice natural-blend socks.

I bought these to go along with my Fila toed shoes a few weeks back. I wear a size 9 to 9.5 shoe so I bought the 9-12 size. They are too small and I have to stretch the heck out of them to even put them on. I was rather disappointed.

Yes, absolutely.

FWIW I ended up doing the same thing with my Injinji’s - the ones they claim to fit our size were just too tight to be comfortable.

But at this point I have like 15 pair of toe socks, so I’m gonna sit this one out.

Anyone know how these compare to the different weights of Injinjis?

I think I purchased some midweight Injinjis and they are just too thick to wear with my Fivefingers.

Forget whether they fit…these are just creepy.

Do not buy the socks sized from 9-12 if you are a 12. I bought three pair last time and they’re tooooo small. I’m a size 11 1/2 and these don’t fit at all, and forget about after washing them. Baby socks. What a waste.

What the heck! Sold out in less than 9 minutes? How many we’re here 2 sets of each?

I got these to compare to the injinji socks. See if this bargain is at all as good. I did side by side and can’t tell difference. I looked at packaging and the product to see if there was any clue that these maybe come from the same factory, that is how similar they are. The hem is fancier on the injini- has a tab at the achilles, and some marking so you know which weight it is “MD” Other than that- same results.

I was not sure I would like toe socks. Does feel strangely crowded. between toes, but it is doing wonders for my foot anatomy. I feel it is healthier. No burning feel when I run, a common thing for me with other socks. I have mediums for my size 10 feet. Snug, like a compression fit but not too tight.

They are same as ‘original weight’ injinjis.