2 Pairs of Bolle UV Safety Glasses

2 Pairs of Bolle UV Safety Glasses

I found these to be very disappointing. I was wearing them at my job and had some splashback of rubbing alcohol get onto the lens. When I went to wipe it off using lens tissue, it appears to have scratched the lens and seemingly also took some of the coating off along with it.
I still have the other pair in the box. I’ll keep them until I need them, but the other pair is basically junk now.

Hi there - I am sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact customer service and we will have the pair you used replaced.

Rubbing alcohol i might understand. But sweat? Droplets of sweat on inside of lense melts whatever form of protective (use the term loosely) coating. Disappointing but not worth sending back.

Please do contact Woot! Customer Service. That’s the only way we know that there’s a problem with a product.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I got these earlier this summer and the first and only time I used them a little sweat got on the lenses and totally ruined them. I tried wiping the sweat off and the film just curdled and impossible to see through them. These are junk.

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My other pair just had the same issue. They fogged up a bit and when I went to wipe them with a lil soap and water, the film just melted and peeled right off.
Such a shame since Bolle is usually a quality product.