2-Piece Deluxe Closet Organizer

sweaters in one in the bedroom, and crafts in another in the sewing room. then i need two for his music gear, and cds. the mdf bottoms mean they don’t bend like the carboard ones.
mdf means medium density fiberboard (think thin osb).
we had this discussion last wootoff

I have to admit, I was in for 1 until I looked at the detailed pics. They don’t look very sturdy.

They are very sturdy–the mdf boards really add some heft. Considering buying another set right now!

EDIT: Links to my prior posts about these:

Initial impression:

Marketing wankers messing up the picture:

Hooks instead of velcro like a lot of organizers. Big plus when you consider the added weight of the mdf.

I don’t need the shoe rack, but the shelf one saves me having to buy a new dresser and take up more space.

These are very sturdy and have lots of uses other than clothes. Great for kids toys, crafts, and those kids going off to college.

try using the shoe one for socks or other small garmets that normally go in drawers if you have no dresser

What if I don’t own any “small garments?” I don’t think ANY of my garments are small LOL

Awe heck…in for another set.

People, these are way, way above in quality those flimsily made cardboard lined canvass organizers one would find at the big-box store.

[QUOTE=therealjrn, post:9, topic:344043]
What if I don’t own any “small garments?” I don’t think ANY of my garments are small LOL

i was trying to be nice and not say your droopydrawrs. but i also knew a man at 450# that could fit a shirt or two in each slot. and packaged shirts don’t take that much room, so folded shouldn’t take to much more.

Does the shoe organizer work well for gym shoes , unlike my Mom I don’t wear size 5.


Thanks for that…I’m not quite up to the proportions of your “droopydrawers” man…but enough fried chicken and whatnot I might make it! I wear a 3X t-shirt and my woot t-shirts fit neatly folded rolled-up nestled into the shoe slots…I don’t like to jam them in, so I can get 4 easily into each side of the shoe pockets.

I also wear/rotate my shoes too…probably have 12+ pairs of shoes…which I think is probably more than double most men, and about 1/3 of most women.

It’s weird to get excited about a closet organizer. But really, after all is said and done, after all the hookers, blow and wild nights, and when one finally grows up, it is nice to come home to an organized home.

HELP!! Thunder Thighs, are you here? My wife just ordered this while she severely impaired on Ambien. We do not need this nor can we afford it. What can I do to stop the order or is too late?? Please help me!

Email service@woot.com they actually respond much quicker than you would expect from woot.