2 Pinots, a Chard, and an Old Cab

Wow, the 79’ cab is back.

From where did more of this appear!?

Anyone try the '79?

Of course not…they all like to sit on them for 5 years before trying :wink:

and was it any good?

missed this last time, not this time. :slight_smile:

A “birdie” told me this would be back, been waiting. Jumped on this.

Sold out in just over 2 hours!? Glad I pushed that beautiful gold button early!

I have! If I had known this was being offered again I would have taken notes. We loved it. Not a ton of fruit left but what is there is delicious. I recall leather, tobacco, some notes of forest floor, velvety smooth long finish.

While I certainly can’t buy much that needs to lay down, I’m all in for good “drink now” cabs.

At $31 delivered I’m in for the 6 pack.

Darn, missed it again.

But it helps with the no-buying-until-RPM-Tour issue.

me too, my kids and G/kids are out for a few weeks we were heading to Santa Monica Pier and thought I check the woot plus offer, so glad I did, would have been upset to miss out twice on a 79 Cab.

Gorram it! I loved the bottle of Sanford I opened for a good friend earlier this week and was just saying how it is an auto buy, no question (and was still rather tanniny, needed air–probably good to cellar longer, I’m leaving my remaining bottle for at least a couple of years). Sad, so sad that I missed it.

EDIT TO ADD: moot point now, but I’ll disagree (respectfully) with the previous tasting notes, the bottle we had was pretty alive. Very jammy and fruity up front, but dry, not sweet (I know that sounds weird, but that’s what it tasted like–if you could have a full flavored, not very sweet jam). Mostly plum, which gave way after about 45 minutes in the glass to a nice floral and tobacco.

I bought 4 bottles the last time this came up. Tried 1 bottle, and wife and I hated it. Couldn’t even finish the bottle. It smelled bad, tasted funky and just was not an enjoyable experience. It didn’t taste corked or anything - just like a crappy wine left too long in the cellar. It doesn’t seem to have aged well.

Someday, I’ll muster up the courage to try another one of the bottles…

Aaaahhhgggggg how’d I miss this?!

You in California? Send 'em this way!

Seriously, aged wine is a particular taste. Not everybody likes them. If you prefer a just-released Ty Caton to a 7 year old Wellington Cab/Victory then you might just not prefer aged wine.

Notes of forest floor? Really? Overtones of earthworm, carpenter ants or goliath beetles? Ooo, mung!! Yum!!

I just happened to have a bottle of the 2013 M Chardonnay a week or two ago. Normally, SWMBO and I do not drink chardonnay, as we have not really found many that we liked a lot. Consequently, we tend to drink a lot more reds than whites. With that caveat, we opened this with an open mind. On Pnp, the color was clear and very, very light yellow. The initial smell revealed apple and pear. Our first tasting found this to be crisp and consistent with the apple/pear aroma. The finish was most like pineapple, a little tart and somewhat bitter though. It was obvious that no oak went into the making of this wine, which was good for us since we do not care for oaky chard’s. As this wine warmed up a little during dinner, nothing really changed. I would say that this is a summer sipper that would go well with anything from appetizers to salad to seafood.

Just checking in…
Anybody want to talk about age-worthy Pinots or the upcoming “Petaluma Gap” AVA?