(2-Pk) White Lily Buttermilk Corn Meal, 5 lb

(2-Pk) White Lily Buttermilk Corn Meal, 5 lb

This is excellent corn meal mix for authentic traditional Southern cornbread. In the South, cornbread is still popular and usually made without added sugar. YMMV. One just adds milk, oil, and an egg to the mix. Then one pours the batter into a suitable preheated and oiled pan (black cast iron skillet preferred) and bakes. Makes delicious cornbread in only a few minutes.

It can also be used to make other things such as hush puppies, muffins, and corn sticks. In case, you are unaware white cornmeal is/was the traditional meal of the old South until the late 1940s, when hybrid yellow corn varieties displaced it pretty much.

However, that being said, our local Walmart (Georgia) sells a 5-lb bag for $3.97, so this deal for two 5-lb bags at $19.99 is no bargain. Unless, of course, you’re desperate for one of these plastic measuring spoon sets, or in case you live in a region in which this is otherwise unavailable.

The Mother Ship sells this same set for $24.99 (plastic measuring spoons included) with a 5% coupon at the moment bringing it down to $23.74 with the discount. So I suppose the Woot! offer is a slight deal compared to the everyday Amazon price, but outta sight compared to a local retail source or even Walmart with shipping.

If you buy this deal, keep the unused portion in your fridge or better yet your freezer and it will last indefinitely.