2" Foam Topper-Gel or Standard-5 Sizes

I have a Gel-topped memory foam pillow that is just divine. Absolutely love it. Also, if you have a dorm bed or a twin, you can buy a king sized topper and cut it in half and have a double comfortable bed. Not sure how well that will work with the gel though…

Cutting these would probably not be a good plan. Looking at possibly getting two though. Q: Can a gel memory foam mattress be cut?

Yeah, I figured the gel one couldn’t be, but if you got the regular topper its party time!

In this buying guide for Gel memory Foam, it brings up the density rating. I don’t see any mention of that in the description.

[Density: The density rating on gel memory foam tells you how much a 12-inch cube weighs. For a mattress or topper, a density of 3 to 4 pounds is usually best. Some users find that products with a density rating lower than 3 may not be very durable. Gel memory foam toppers or mattresses with a density rating of 5 or higher may get too warm for people who get hot when they sleep. On the other hand, pillow density can be higher than 5 while still maintaining a cool temperature.

Thickness: It doesn’t take much gel memory foam to add the softness and support you need. The more cushioning you want, the thicker your mattress or topper should be. If you prefer a firmer sleep surface, choose something that is just 1 to 3 inches thick. If you like to feel more “cradled” while you sleep, look for something 4 inches or thicker. For mattresses, the thickness of the top layer will mainly determine how much cushioning you will have.

Similarities to traditional memory foam: Gel memory foam is a viscoelastic material like traditional memory foam, so it resists motion transfer and reduces pressure on shoulders and hips. It’s also antimicrobial and very durable.

Differences from traditional memory foam: Gel memory foam has been infused with gel beads, giving it more strength, so you don’t sink into the bed as deeply. The gel also allows more air flow, so you can stay cooler at night. With the addition of gel, you get all the benefits of traditional memory foam without the problems that some users have. For more information, read about why you need gel memory foam.](http://www.overstock.com/guides/gel-memory-foam-buying-guide/)

Can anyone tell me the difference between foam and gel toppers? I figure I can buy one to make my mattress last a few more months before I get a new one.

Check the buying guide linkes just above your post.

You answered all of our questions! Thanks bro!

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The gel foam toppers are in theory supposed to keep you cooler. A big issue people have with foam is that they get hot, so they infused gel into the memory foam for cooling purposes. I own a gel topper, I have not owned a non-jel type, it still seems hot to me but they are very comfortable. I bought one for around this same price at Sams Club. It was a 4LB density model. They should list this in the description or I would not buy one. Nice to see it is made in the USA as many are not and that can lead to quality/material issues. As far as cutting them in half, I have not done it personally. It would seem like you could I don’t understand the issue. It’s not like the gel is filled with a liquid or anything that will leak out.

I know it will come up… “can this be used on the floor, instead of a mattress?”


I put the full text there on purpose. I’m actually proud of myself for not putting the link to Google.

I agree, the density rating (cited as the most important factor in the buying guide), should be in the description. Is there a model number or manufacturer?

Does this come with some some sort of waterproof cover or is it just the sponge itself? Does these just hold any liquid spilled onto it and never let it out?

They do not have a cover, but you can buy an inexpensive mattress cover that will do the job just fine. And I don’t know about the gel, but on the regular memory foam yes, if you spill liquids on it they do soak in. Hence the $15-20 investment in a waterproof mattress pad. Most of them have a very stretchy wrap around style so they fit over the mattress and topper just fine.

[QUOTE=murphicus, post:10, topic:394594]
I know it will come up… “can this be used on the floor, instead of a mattress?”

There is a saying:

“The only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask”.

I think above question proves how wrong wise old sayings can be.

About two years ago, I bought a gel-foam topper for a brand new queen size mattress. It was purchased at a big well-known warehouse club and it came with a twenty year warranty. Previously, we had a memory foam topper. Since mattresses today are of the “no flip” generation, I figured it would also serve to protect the mattress. It does protect the mattress. However, if you are a side sleeper, as I am, it also provides superb comfort as your shoulder area sinks into the foam. I recall ours having a three inch thickness. A couple of weeks ago we decided to flip the gel foam topper over and discovered a gazillion cracks on the bottom side. I quickly brought it back to the warehouse club and was cheerfully refunded my money. We don’t use our mattress as a trampoline and recall the exact same thing happening to our memory foam mattress. Anyone have a similar experience? As an aside, it’s been a few weeks since we removed our topper. While I can sleep just about anywhere and on anything and still get a good nights sleep, I now plan to buy another. If I can get two years out of the gel foam toppers and simply return them for another…no questions asked…it’s worth it. They are not easy to dispose of when their useful life comes to an end.

Any issue with the gel version freezing? We are looking at getting a queen size for our Airstream trailer that freezes over the winter.

If it’s anything like the one I own (a ventilated one that’s sold on Amazon for about twice the price), I highly, highly doubt there is any issue with freezing temperatures, as the “gel” foam is not made with any water. It’s basically like a dense, smooth sponge rubber.

Hi, I am with the manufacturer. Both types of foam can be cut. You would need a long, straight edge (think 2x4)and a sharp knife… electric would work great… Make sure the knife is lubricated and you can cut it just like a loaf of bread.

Yes, it could be used on the floor.