2" or 3" Gel Enhanced Topper-6 Sizes

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2" or 3" Gel Enhanced Topper-6 Sizes
Price: $69.99 - 119.99
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Here are a few reviews on the 3"

Gel Enhanced toppers at Costco and Target run about 100 to 120. No where near the 250 suggested here.

Plus those come with covers, this one doesn’t appear to.

I was looking at similar items last week. Mothership has 2" Queen @$75 vs $89 for similar description.


The ones i saw at target that were gel mem foam for 89 were 1.5" egg crate style and were absolutely awful.

I work at Kmart, our gelled 2" topper from Cannon gos for 169 for a twin, 199 full, 269 queen.

Based on looking for these myself, the 3" topper prices are really good.

question to folks who have experience with these type of toppers . . . do they sleep hot? my friend has an all-foam mattress and when i stayed over, that thing slept really hot.

I am with the manufacturer and can help answer questions. Many of the target and costco items are much cheaper and lower quality imported chinese foam. Hence the lower price. The cover really isn’t necessary as it will just prevent good foam from breathing, ciculating air and keeping you cool. PuraSleep memory foam is 100% USA made

We use super open celled foam called CoolFlow that increases air flow up to 10 times more than traditional and imported competitor foams. Also the gel will help maintain a neutral sleep temperature. You might get hot during the night but it is unlikely to be from our topper :slight_smile:

Thanks grimcreaper yes these are higher quality toppers that use more foam and hence give you more support.

I have 2 of these. I liked the one for my bed so much that I bought one for my 6 yr old. They have improved both of our sleep. I would dare to say that I sleep cooler on the gel foam than the plain mattress.

I am currently looking for a “Short Queen” size topper for my RV. Would I be able to trim a regular Queen Size to a short queen with a knife?

Do these go over or under the fitted sheet?

Have slept on waterbed for 40 years. Cost $$ to heat! Anyone using these atop a waterbed mattress for insulation benefit? Tell me how it worked out. Thanks

Either way. I have a talalay 2" topper that is under BOTH the mattress fitted protecting cover and the fitted sheet. Works great.

I’d say this is one helluva good buy and choice and would recommend the 2". That’s all you need.

What is the ILD rating, or plushness?

It’s not an easy task, but it can be done.

Great question! Our Gel enhanced memory foam has a density of 2.5 lbs and an ILD rating of 10.

I was considering buying one of these. But after the China-bashing: no.

There are ways to praise your product, and to celebrate it being made in the United States, without negative statements about another country or their products. There is nothing inherently wrong with Chinese products or Chinese manufacturing. That some US-based companies choose to import low-quality (and sometimes even dangerous) products from China is a choice by those US companies.

If you walked into a diner and ordered runny eggs, would you write the diner a bad review, saying they sold runny eggs?!

(PS: If a cover would keep “good foam” from breathing, then so would sheets. Or our bodies. Foam doesn’t “breathe” and air doesn’t magically spontaneously circulate through this thing any more than it does through one’s regular mattress. You use a cover to protect the foam from getting too dirty, as it is not machine washable. Duh.)

No bashing intended at all! It just so happens that certain memory foam coming from overseas is lower quality component foam and because of its low pricing is seen more frequently in the discount stores. Does not mean all imported foam bad or all US foam is good.

The term "breathe"is routinely used in the foam industry to refer to how the air circulates through foam. The more sheets and covers and blankets between you and your new topper, the less you will reap its cooling benefits. Most of our customers put their topper under a mattress pad for protection so they definitely don’t need a cover on the topper itself.

I think he was just being descriptive. I could say, my lovely Chinese wife (she really is) and then you might say ‘that’s racist, not all Chinese girls are lovely…what is with the generalizations??’:slight_smile: