2 Slices of Pi

I’m pi-eyed (and a bit hungry). Great shirts.

Best PI Day coming up for 100 years. It will be 3-14-15 or 3.1415.

Pi shirts for both sides of the personality

Cool. Nice to share the spotlight with my friend FishBiscuit!

BTW, the metallic ink on my design is on the standard numerals on the front. The gray is made to somewhat match the metallic silver so that depending on how you look at it, the numbers change from visible to invisible.

The one in 1592 was better :stuck_out_tongue:

Be sure to set you alarm for 9:26!

mmmmm… Pi Day.
It’s an honor to sell beside my friend ThatRobert today. :slight_smile:

Going to need to get a few of the team pi shirts for the wedding party so I can wrangle people more effectively.

FIVE BUCKS to ship a shirt? Oh, hayell no.

Ha- Glad to see two fine people sharing the spotlight! Great designs guys. :slight_smile:

Nice designs all round. (is that a pun? I’m not good enough at math to know if that’s a pun)

Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t get to celebrate Pi day since April only has 30 days.

Just ordered five of the e.pi.c for my 12 year old daughters nerd party on March 14th.

First Day Sales: 1135
Shirts were sold at: 7.00
Catalog shirts sold out

Depending on how you reach this page, it might look my shirt is no longer for sale. It is here: http://shirt.woot.com/offers/e-pi-c

Not happy that it’s just shipping now (3/9), a week after the sale. By shipping so late, it’s iffy whether it’ll arrive in time for 3/14.

Not cool, Woot. Not cool at all.

Edit: looking into this with Joel & our operations team.

Also disappointed :frowning: Stuff You Bought page says “Ships in 1-2 business days with Standard delivery speed (7-10 business days)” Bought on March 2nd, shipped on March 9, not in 1-2 business days, but a full week later. FedEx Estimated delivery : Monday 3/16/2015… 2 days late for Epic Pi Day :frowning: Sigh.