2 Slices of Pi

…expected delivery, 3/17. Useless purchase now. Was hoping to have it by today since I’ll leaving for vacation tomorrow morning… maybe I’ll get it just in time for next years LESS EPIC Pi day

Yea, this is the last time I am buying a shirt from this place. They charge you a premium for shipping, then wait a week to finally ship. And this was not the first time it has happened. My daughter will be very disappointed if this doesn’t arrive in time. I will be spending my money else where for now on!

We upgraded shipping on the rest of the orders that were shipped out today. We’ll be working with FedEx to make sure all other orders currently in transit will be expedited to make it there in time as well. Hopefully we can get that all fixed up by tomorrow. I sincerely apologize for the lack of communication and clear delay in shipping.

I bought for my son (engineering student) to wear tomorrow. Ordered 3/2, shipped out 3/8! Originally FedEx but now in transit to USPS. Estimated delivery date 3/16…Don’t blame it on the snow. Texas to Florida. Fail.

AWFUL delivery time. This is a gift for someone to wear ON PI day and estimated delivery is ON Saturday. My mail usually arrives late afternoon. You would think they would think this out and get it there on time. All deliveries take too long with this company

Yup! All the deliveries are slow. I still haven’t gotten stuff ordered on Feb 23. I keep saying cancel and they give me the automated “our monkees are working on it” crap

BINGO!!! Same situation here. Estimated delivery by USPS is ON PI day. My mail arrives late afternoon. USESLESS because it is a gift!!!

This was nothing short of a TERRIBLE experience for me. I bought two of these for our Pi Day celebration at school which is tomorrow. Ordered on March 2nd and it said Ships in 1 to 2 Days which was bogus. It shipped on the 9th which was after someone posted to me on these boards that Woot was working on getting these timely shipments out.

The most irritating part of this was I had contacted Woot about on the 5th when it hadn’t shipped yet to tell them this was a time sensitive item and I ordered in plenty of time. Someone responded on these boards that they were doing everything to ensure they arrived on time. They certainly did not do that with my order.

I got a response via email from a customer service rep who told me that the sale said ships in 3-5 days and to allow 7-10 days for delivery which was untrue. Right, because I’m going to make up that it said Ships in 1-2 days just for the fun of it.

So now the Pi celebration is tomorrow, I have no Pi shirts for myself and my co-teacher and it was a complete waste.

I also posted two times in the WoW Shirts forum. The first time was on the 5th and it was blamed on ice. On the 8th I asked for an update and no one bothered to reply.

I’ve been checking and rechecking the FedEx shipping page hoping to see evidence that this promise of orders already shipped being expedited was fulfilled, but no… Still same delivery date of Monday 3/16. Oh Woot. If you are going to sell date-sensitive shirts (holidays, etc.), please plan wayyyyy ahead and sell them long before the approaching date… Your shipping process is painfully slow. A shirt I ordered on February 23 just shipped today after being stuck in Preparing for Shipment purgatory for weeks. You are taking all of the fun out of ordering fun shirts :frowning: and going to lose a lot of customers who are fed up with waiting and waiting… Fix this.

AGREE 100%. For t-shirts I ordered on Feb 23 they wouldn’t even let me cancel. They said just let them come and not accept it. That’s pretty difficult if I am not home.

So awful. Yeah, this is my second major shipping snafu from Woot, the last one was worse on a Christmas gift in December. This one is just a total disappointment.

Very weak, Woot. Very weak.

I’m taking a break from this place.

Not only did my shirts arrive on time (today) I received an email stating that the price of the shirt will be refunded. Thanks Woot! For communicating to everyone and going above and beyond with your generous offer. I am happy to pay for mine since they came in time. Can’t wait to wear it to a Pi event tomorrow!

I can’t wait to wear my Pi shirt tomor … oh that’s right. It’s not here.


I feel like I need to post an honest update to say that after all of this, Woot fixed it, this time. My E.Pi.c shirt arrived this morning, although last night at bedtime FedEx still had Monday for the delivery date, and still does. Props go to my local USPS post office who had the final handoff responsibility of getting it to me and quickly did. Also, I received two emails from Woot, admitting they screwed up, offering a sincere apology and some monetary good will for the snafu, and therefore I am happy to have this particular woot order received and closed.
However, I will still hesitate to order anymore shirts that are date-sensitive, until I can trust that Woot can get it to my door, on time, without this drama and hassle. I’ll pay a few bucks more for more reliable shipping that doesn’t include my item sitting around in a warehouse “preparing for shipment” for an determinable amount of time.
Now, I’m going to put on my shirt and go eat some pie.

I got the snafu email on Friday, which was a bit late reaction in my opinion. I got the coupon and partial refund, too. My shirt still hasn’t arrived yet, while my kid’s was shipped separately later and arrived faster.

I had already dialed back from this place after an insanely bad BOC (one had little post it notes from a hospice place or something, a nasty calculator … I’m not even kidding) and a real bad shipping experience with the Dyson fans in December.

Anyway, I appreciate the coupon and stuff, but a few disappointments too many recently.

Shirt arrived yesterday, far too late for my Pi Day Wedding as planned and really rather ticked about it. Understand the weather situation but when I emailed, twice, once was unanswered and the other assured me it’s get 1 day shipping, which is didn’t.

So now I have two shirts for next year, and a few awkward conversations for the post wedding pub crawl as all my family and friends had different Pi-Shirts and the Bride and Groom are without out.