2 Tees for $18 on 2/18!

Now they’re getting cable?!?

PBS is good enough.

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Now I’m reminded of this old REM video.


Listen up penguin. I’ve got a new boss to break, no internet, and I’m in meetings trying to stay on mute because my mom is telling her cat Timmy he has to fart quietly.

I have no point. It’s just what’s happening.


I can EASILY beat all of that.

Well, abridge, I don’t want to touch the whole farting Timmy situation.


All I want to know is if Timmy listened and farted quietly.


I have heard no Timmy farts. So yes. Timmy is a good boy.


Has he licked the Kindle yet?

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it dont f*&king work, “whoops that code isnt vaild”

Did you select two shirts from the ones on the list?

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umm yeah, did four to start, then dropped down to two, still nothing

Right, they have to be from the list. Add both to your cart first and then apply the code on checkout.

This is Timmy. I’m pretty sure he’s licked all the things.


i’m guessing the shirts displayed on the page when you click the deal don’t count then? or am i just a ^%$#$%^ idiot

Are you logged in with Prime?

I don’t know if that matters, but if you are make sure you select the thing that asks to verify your address. It’ll refresh. I hope that works.

Only the shirts from this page:

Nah. You’re not an idiot. Woot’s checkout does stuff like this. We’re here to help.

Prime doesn’t matter in this case.

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Yeah, but I’ve had to verify to get coupons to work.

I tried it with my regular Woot login.


Still a good suggestion though.

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No, those should count. And while you DON’T need a Prime account for this deal, I think you DO need to be logged in. If that still fails, let us know.