2" XCEL ThermaGel™ Memory Foam Topper-6 Sizes

Hi! I am a representative for the manufacturer. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them.

hi, which is better to avoid heat/humidity build up?
thermagel or purasleep??

Our XCEL ThermaPhase Gel topper is going to be the absolute best to avoid heat/humidity build up.

Our proprietary ThermaPhase Gel actually liberates heat away from the body so that you sleep at your optimal sleep temperature.

I have a “Garden Sleep System” bed made by Natural Form, and the foam topper that goes on top of the air chambers is getting a bit soft after several years of use. Would the 2" ThermaGel foam topper be a good replacement? I’m pretty sure the original topper is just a good quality foam topper, not memory foam or latex foam.

Our ThermaGel memory foam topper is a top of the line high density foam topper that will add a fantastic comfort and cooling layer to any mattress. All memory foam will soften a little bit over time, so that is normal. However, you should get a minimum of at least 3 years of good use out of a topper if not more!

After my first night on the XCEL I would say it dissapates 20% better than a memory foam mattress. I was not impressed.

I bought the plain old purasleep topper and it does not make me hot at all.

Thanks for your positive feedback emeycakes!

Could you explain a little more please. What do you mean by dissipates? Specifically what was wrong with it. Thinking about getting one but can’t afford to waste the money. I’m 70, disabled, have a really bad back/spine, and nerve endings everywhere that get pinched so it’s really hard to get comfortable in bed.

Hi lakebaylady,

I know you are waiting for a response from another reviewer, but I wanted to mention that this is our top of the line topper. The ThermaPhase Gel “senses” where your body is hot, where it is cool and adjusts to provide the perfect sleep platform. Maintains your body’s optimal sleep temperature throughout the night.

I have a tempurpedic rhapsody memory foam mattress. With this topper it still sleeps warm. Not as warm as without the topper, but not remarkably, like holy crap that’s amazing cooler.

Lakebaylady - if you have a mattress that is firm and you need cushion then get the 3" topper.
It will give you more cush for your joints. I think the other gel topper being offered (not this xcel model) would be too soft for you. It is only 2.5# density ,

What is the density of this 2" XCEL ThermaGel topper? I see it listed for the others, but not specifically for this one.

mattfeldls, the density is 3.5 lb.