20” LCD Monitor with DVI

Looks suspiciously like an HP product to me…

haha, love the glove…what did OJ die lately too?

Nice touch with the glove.

“Famous Maker”

what is that?

“Famous Maker?” Just what is that supposed to mean?

can it be positioned into a portrait monitor?

All these “famous maker” models seem to be HP. Sorry, I’ll pass. Never had an HP product I’ve ever really liked.

Also 20" screens are so 2004. Bring back the 24 inchers!

Is there any real difference between HDMI and DVI (asides from the fact that DVI is video only while HDMI is both video and audio)?

I’m wondering since I know HDMI to DVI converters are out there and a lot of new laptops have HDMI…

I just glove the image

Warren Zevon reference! w00t!

o.its hp


clearly HP.

looks definitely like an HP monitor

Looks like an “HP Debranded” according to geeks.com


Without a doubt in my mind, that monitor is a HP w2007 20" LCD Monitor.

Here’s a review of it from cnet:

I own this monitor…it’s a rebadged HP monitor…I like it. Has that high-gloss screen that makes colors pop. Seems like a decent deal.

Seems like someone we just lost, has one glove for no apparent reason. It’s a Jacko monitor!

thinking about replacing the 17" CRT in the basement for the Mac i have. kindy iffy on the refurb. heck, we don’t even know who manufactured this thing!