20 Pairs: HEAD Men's Classic No Show Socks

Just FYI, these are terrible! I bought them for my husband who wears a size men’s 12, and after one wash, they shrunk to fit my feet - a size 3/4 girls (5 in women’s)!!! I’ve never seen something shrink that much! Plus, the material is really thin, so just skip on this one!

These socks are super thin. I haven’t had a problem with them shrinking, but they rip easily.

The material is very thin, but honestly that is good because it lets my feet breathe more.

I haven’t had trouble with socks shrinking or ripping, but I have had trouble with the material pilling up after washing. That leaves it feeling pretty abrasive and irritates my skin.

I would probably buy some more and find a way to fix the pilling if I could buy packs of white-only socks, the black ones look weird with all of my shoes.

These are made To contour your Feet breathable and moisture Wicking and Lightweight at the same time overall you cannot go wrong with this purchase there is awesome Value Here
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“Verified Vendor Representative”… figures.

Nothing in your one-sentence response addresses the issues mentioned by the previous commentors (pilling, shrinkage, thinness).

Hi, you have to take care of the socks and they will take care of you,
make sure to wash in cold/warm not boiling hot and you will not have any (pilling, shrinkage,) whatsoever

Keep in mind that the drying is every bit as dangerous to shrinkable materials as the washing is. Drying on hot will shrink shrinkables instantly. Cotton shirts dried on hot get desecrated for a guy with long arms like me. Medium heat max.

I also use moisture sensitivity to dry my clothes rather than the timer. It leaves a big tub slightly damp which is perfect, because then breaking that big tub down to partial tubs of drying allows for much more aeration/air flow.

That’s why the big industrial dryers at the laundromat can get lots of things really dry in only 8 minutes. Massive air flow.

got these yesterday and the low price was immediately understood - they are tissue paper thin don’t waste your money

Unless these have changed, I’ve had great luck with these socks. I’m a size 9.5 and the fit is perfect. I think I’ve purchased 40 pairs now over the years? One sock has a hole it in, that’s it.

The different colors match my different DC shoes that I wear everyday, so that’s a bonus.

Sorry to hear about this

I have had two socks get holes in them after wearing them only once. And I have only worn 4 pair so far…

shipping kills the deal yet again. Dailysale have these for $15 free shipping.

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Daily Sale has a 10 pack out for 15.00 and a 20 pack for 25.00 so Woot.com is displaying the best dealon these

Seriously, Woot? SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?

I’m glad I only paid $14 for the worst socks I have ever had. Very thin and uncomfortable. Wore one pair for 30 minutes and that was enough. Going to donate them to the Thrift store