20" Full Air Bed w/ Built-in Pump

When buying a new air mattress one must bear in mind that it is only a matter of WHEN, not IF it will begin leaking and become useless


If only I had this last weekend when I went camping. I was the only camper to sleep on the cold hard ground while all my buddies were spoiled by these mattresses.

So, Woot, is there a plug for this thing, or is it battery operated? There’s nothing in the the description that says it needs to be plugged in, and the picture doesn’t show a plug, but unless it’s MAGIC, it needs some sort of power to make the fan that blows it up GO. (And if it is battery operated, is it a rechargeable battery, or, like, 6 triple-A’s?)

Edit: Okay, my bad, I see it now: “Plug-In Power Cord is easily tucked away in special compartment after inflation and deflation.” But I think that’s the first time you’ve included that in the description…

am i missing the brand name?

This isn’t really a camping air mattress, unless you have a really big tent. This one would be better suited for a guest bedroom, or setting up in the living room when you have company over.

Keep watching woot though, especially during the next woot-off. I could almost guarantee you’ll see 3 air mattresses more suitable for camping

Beware if you are tall, because this inflatable mattress is only 6’2" (74") in length. I am between 6’3" (75") and 6’4" (76") so the length is a deal-breaker for me.

I am 6’2", and slept on a 64" long bunk bed last weekend (comfortably, just a bit curled up) while I was on vacation. It’s an interim solution for guests, not a nightly habit. :wink:


This is “Full size”. I would like to know the brand name.

“Intex Supreme Air-Flow” makes a very similar looking air mattress. it would cost over 70 bucks for a twin size bed from Intex. I am tempted to buy this but i would like to know the brand.

I just received my 2 twin size air mattresses from woot. They are the same except a different size. I inflated them both to check for leaks, over night they did not lose air. They also have a separate inflation port if you want to use a hand/foot pump. They are awesome. A great value. Highly recommended. I am in for a full size too. BTW if it doesn’t seem to be filling automatically make sure the slider switch is locked into inflate mode. One of mine wasn’t inflating at first. I just had to move the switch which was in the wrong position out of the box.

Tee hee, they said butt in the writeup.

Just bought one. For anyone hesitating, here’s some quick research I did:

Another site (http://www.seizethedeal.com/deals/full-or-queen-20-air-bed-with-built-in-pump-and-remote-control) is selling the same mattress for $79+5 shipping.

On 03/30/2012 this same mattress was also sold on woot, with the option to choose a full size or queen size for the same price. The price back then was $89.99+ 5 shipping (https://mywoot.net/home/past/details.php?id=325_) Then on 04/26/2012, the price dropped to 59.99+shipping, which is still $10 more, although you did have an option to get a queen size. Either way, you still would have paid $10 more for the Full size.

So in the end, theres a trend with the mattress prices dropping, and who knows how low it will go. But if you need one in the short future, I’d say go for it.

So it’s defintely a good purchase.

OK, i think the brand is “Cohesion”. i found a review of a twin size version of this bed…


i’m tempted to get this.

It looks like sellout.woot also sold this on March 3:


Alas, no discussion. I wonder whether how this compares to similar models…

here is the discussion on the twin beds:



Thanks for giving the size of the bed. I am 6’2" and hate sleeping with my feet dangling over the edge. I think this is the first time I have ever seen woot list an air mattress and not state the size up front.

I’m really tempred but concerned that there is nothing of any substance about this bed out there for consumption.

Get the Square trade warranty, these things don’t last much longer than 3 months…ANY brand.

Every single one of these with a “built in pump” I’ve ever slept on has been an utter F A I L. They always end up leaking. ALWAYS.

I don’t know how the “convenience” of a built-in pump you have to run 3 times a night replaced the “inconvenience” of a REAL valve (that seals) and an external pump that you have to use, oh, every 3 to 5 days, but it has.

Caveat Emptor.