20" Full Air Bed w/ Built-in Pump

I bought one similar to this on a woot-off.
I’ve been using it for over a month and a half on a nightly basis. It’s comfortable and doesn’t lose any air. I love it!

Not to be a Mathematical Genius Historian, but I heard that Pythagoras slept on this exact bed, without his feet hanging off, and he was seven and a half feet tall.

(Please, someone . . . )

lol, diagonal…anyone…anyone?

Thank you. Very, very, very much.

I was about to have some ill will, but along comes savior billwill!

lol, i wonder how pythagoras’ wife fit on the bed then. she must’ve been something like under 5 ft tall.

Did you forget to check the specs tab?

old confucious saying.- spread your legs till the length of the bed… LOl.

darn. I paid 99 on it , i think 6 months back on woot… have not still unpacked it… wiating for some guests to arrive…

I bought the twin size one that look the same.

As the description indicates, it was absolutely wonderful. Note the “was”.

In 30 days it sprung a leak. Comes with two patches, but I couldn’t find the leak. Continued to sleep on it until I was getting up every 20 minutes to pump up the bed. By then the leak was big enough I could find (hear) it.

It was on a seem between the two mattresses. Patch is useless on a seam, only suited for holes you punch, does anybody ever punch a hole in their air mattress? I doubt it.

Anyway, I patched it with glue. Continued to deflate. Eventually found another leak on one of the four conduits between the two mattresses. That was even harder to patch.

Still leaks, I have yet to figure out where.

So I can say best to not buy one with double mattress. That complicates things. Also best to buy one without internal pump, that prevents you from diagnosing the problem in the swimming pool (not that I could do that anyway).

Also note that there’s a LOT of seams in one of these things as the internal ribs are what give it its beautiful shape.

In summary, plastic air beds have a LONG way to go before they’ll be successful. But I am really happy it’s not a water bed.

Mine began leaking on the first use. Have to re-pump every few hours. Must be a Wenzel private label brand.

Hm… that doesn’t sound quite right. Have you tried contacting Wenzel to see if they can hook you up with a replacement? You can also email us at service@woot.com for help too.

Mines been patched 4 times as of right now im sure in a few days another leak is going to spring. contacted woot and all they want to do is have me send the stupid thing back. yea to bad i dont have the box anymore. Wish i had not spent my money on this bed. HUGE waste! and a pain in the u know what! GRRRR love waking up on the floor! i coulda done that for free but nooooooo instead i spent 50 bucks to do it. GOT me im a sucker i guess.

Annnnd… it’s dead. I’ve been sleeping on this since July 10th. Did pretty well the first month, my only complaint was the way it formed a valley in the middle that I was forced to sleep in. Good thing I wasn’t sharing. :frowning:

A few days ago, the pump started re-inflating a couple of times a day. Great, a leak. But only topping up a couple times a day isn’t a big deal. The leak grew worse, until yesterday night it topped up about once every two hours. It only fired when I rolled over and was half-awake anyway, so not a big deal, especially since it’s just me. I did a diligent search for the leak yesterday and failed to find it. Then, this morning, it tossed in the towel. I rolled over, looked at my watch and thought, “it’s Friday before a three-day weekend, maybe I’ll sleep in and nobody will care if I’m a little late”. Just then it switched on to re-inflate. But something inside came loose and was grinding inside the blower. A horrible burning plastic stench quickly filled the room as I groped for the power cord and finally slayed the burnt-plastic-fume-belching beast.

I’m just glad (sort of) that I was here when it happened. From the burning plastic smell, I hate to think what might have happened if I had gotten up on time and it had pulled this caper while I was away. I wonder how many fires have been started by these units?

In all, it came to about $1/day of use. Not a hideous price, but I bet the $600 memory-foam mattress I replace it with will probably last me more than three years, driving the cost to well under $.75/day. Add to that the apparent risk of fire, (and who knows how toxic / carcinogenic those hideous burnt-plastic fumes are), and there’s no way in hell I’ll ever get another one of these damn things.

Plus, now I don’t have anything to sleep on until I get a replacement. Sigh…

I’m sorry for the flat bed. Remember that you have a 90-day Woot warranty so please email service@woot.com.

Mine lasted about six weeks. Then it started leaking and would need to reflate once or twice a night. After three days of this it tried re-inflating one morning and something in the pump broke, wedging a bit of plastic in the impeller. It put out a bunch of nasty smelling smoke and a horrible screeching sound. I unplugged it and let it cool off. I tried plugging it back in the next day and all the motor would do is buzz. I hate to think what might have happened if I hadn’t been home when it self-destructed. Damn thing smelled like it could have caught fire.

So if you ever think to buy one of these, consider it a temporary solution. Very temporary. And be sure your fire extinguisher is handy and charged.

Both of mine leaks from Day One. Useless.

Sorry to hear that. I believe you are still in your 90-day warranty. Be sure to email support@woot.com for assistance.