20 Random Cloth Wine Bags

Sorry, but do you get a random selection of all 3 sizes, or just randomly get 20 of the same size?

I read it as you get 20 bags of a random selection of 2,4,or 6 bottle bags since you cannot choose the size you want.

You will get an assortment of all 3 sizes in various colors.

In x2. Between me leaving them behind at get-togethers and my fiancee nabbing them from me, I can barely manage to keep 1 or 2 wine totes on hand. These should tide me/her/them over nicely! :slight_smile:

If Chip’s in, I’m in! :tongue:
I doubt these will melt in the mail truck!

These would be great with a “wine! woot” logo.

Exactly! :wink:

ya’ll need wine shops in your area to start carrying these for when you buy a few bottles. Wegmans gives you a 4 pack carrier for every purchase.

I wish the Wegmans (or any supermarket) in New York sold wine.

Haven’t purchased anything other than shirts in awhile and now I remember why. :frowning: Ordered this with the “Standard Delivery Speed” of 3 to 8 business days. Shipped on business day #8 via Smartpost, is estimated to arrive on business day #14. Just putting this out there in case anyone decides to order these at a later time. Hopefully the random shipment will be worth the wait.

Delivery speed = the number of days in shipment, not the number of days until your order is shipped + the days in shipment, so it sounds like your shipment is due to arrive on business day #6 of the 3-8 day estimate.

I came in this thread wondering if anyone else was still waiting on this order. I ordered mine on July 25. It is now August 12, and the tracking estimate is that it will arrive on August 20. That’s more than 3 weeks from order time to expected delivery which is certainly beyond the “standard speed” delivery of 3-8 business days.

Looked at the setup and the estimated ship date shows Aug 10 which is when they shipped.