20” Twin Air Bed w/Built-In Remote

i worry that my little person guests may not be able to climb that high

I bought two of these in a past woot and both of them had leaks and were a disappointment I did get the leak patched on one and it works well the other has the hole in a crease so I couldn’t get that one to hold air.

Thanks, exactly what I wanted to know. Will pass on this.

don’t know why but the words… that is just weird popped into my head when i saw this blow up bed with a remote control… i’m just sayin.

Seems Like a Good Deal
It was $65 back in Feb 4
See Here:

I Just Bought One, and Now reading your Comment.
Was it shipped with a Hole in it??
Or did U accidentally Stick something Hard on it?

**Can Some STAFF member Please Tell me what is the Shipping WEIGHT of this ITEM ?? **
I want to Calculate the Charges to my Country.

Also can the Two Pieces Separate ? (20" is Really thick) I Just Measure My COil Restonic mattress and its 7 inches thick.

piece of junk, leaks just over a week of use.

180lb male here, experienced airbed user. I got a little over a month out of mine. Now it’s time to play hunt the leak, but more disappointingly, the bottom “box spring” is bulging at the side which suggests an interior gusset failed. Sadly I ordered in March but didn’t move and deploy until June, so I think I’m out of RMA-land here (aside from the expense and hassle).

Construction is basically 2 separate mattresses connected by at least 4 ‘tubes’ (circular seams) at the corners (edit: ‘inside’ by 3" or so, so sheets do tuck fully). This means you can probably run stuff like an electric blanket cord ‘through’ the mattress or hide all the money you saved from Wooting in it, but means a lot more surface area and lots of impossible-to-reach places as far as tracking down the leak. Pump cord-storage door has a quirk where the notch wasn’t cut large enough for the actual gauge of wire used for the remote.

I deployed mine on a tile floor with a nearly-big-enough towel under it. Experience says air mattresses are more likely to survive on carpet where there’s no chance of puncturing grit getting trapped underneath, so if I’d been able to throw a full-sized rug down ahead of time, I might not have that ‘sinking’ feeling today. Won’t know until I find out where the leak actually is, though.

First time I plugged in the motor, it started to inflate and then it sounded like the motor got stuck. It stopped inflating and started to smell like an electric “fire” if that makes sense. Anyway, it doesn’t work and isn’t worth shipping back for a credit since it weighs so much. Oh well … woot failed me this time

you should definitely send an email to support@woot.com & discuss this with them.

no reason to throw your arms up yet.

I’ve had this bed for almost a year. Kids have slept on it and also adults. I absolutely love it. I did however put a comfortable mattress pad on it and after wonderful sheets and down blanket, slept like a baby. If it comes up again I’ll definitely be buying another, hopefully won’t be a dud like all the previous comments. Right now, I highly recommend it!

My 3 yr old has no problem and claims it as her bed every time they come to visit.

Way back when, I did … they opened an RMA but said I was responsible for return shipping. Normally wouldn’t be so bad but it’s pricey on a 35 lb package.

ah, yes. i believe we do specify that in our FAQ.
officially, that’s the policy. however, occasionally exceptions are made so we can ensure a better customer experience. in situations like this, do email Support@Woot.com & let them know that shipping would be a great expense. as a moderator, i cannot guarantee it, but we do sometimes make accommodations in such instances.