200 Solar LED String Lights (68')

Are these the cheap, flickery kind of LED lights? Low refresh rates give me hemorrhoids.

The product photos show scenes with warm white lights (more yellow hues) and scenes with cool white lights (more blue hues), any indication as to which white ones these are?

They’re Cool White.

They aren’t flickery, but I bought two and only one still works. The other needs to be smacked around a bit to work, but this may be due to squirrels. All in all, they work well.

How bright are they? If I put the colored ones along my gutters for the holidays, will they be very bright from the street? There are street lights in my neighborhood, and a lot of LED lights are not very bright unless you bunch them up together.

Let’s keep this simple–buy these only if you want a temporary light feature. I bought 4, all 4 failed. A few died quickly, the others dragged it out by losing brightness and sporadically working one day and not the next. These are cheap junk–you may get more light by piling up the money you are going to spend on them and lighting it on fire.

Also, they are available on Amazon for the same price (surprise surprise). Gree shipping if you have prime, so it might even be cheaper.

I deplore those blue white lights. I like the warm amber white. I will just keep using my electric ones.

Thanks for advice !

I bought these last year and they are cheap junk. They are dim and quit working either in full or partial strands.

Mothership has others with more reviews and good ratings for about $15.95.