2004 Herzog Special Reserve Syrah, Edna Valley - 3 Pack

2004 Herzog Special Reserve Syrah, Edna Valley - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2004 Herzog Special Reserve Syrah, Edna Valley
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What the H.ell? Thursdays are supposed to be gourmet food days. More wine?

I’ve had this in both this and other vintages ('05 and '06, mostly thanks to Wine Library/Cinderella Wine.

This is well-worth the money even at 25-28, and is a steal at this price.

Highly, highly, highly recommended, even for those of you for whom Kashrut is not an issue at any point.

The only problem with the offer is that it won’t arrive on Monday!

I think it’s because Passover is coming up.

It does say to arrive in time for Passover and Easter. I’d be in for a set but no delivery to AZ :frowning:

no voice note today???

I actually shared a bottle of the 2003 Herzog Special Reserve Syrah with Richardhod when he visited last fall - one of many that night, so my notes are terse: “9/24/2010 rated 88 points: A very interesting style - restrained and acidic. Some fruit hiding behind earthiness and leather. Interesting, but probably near its peak.”

We were both of the opinion that it was a very restrained, Rhône-like style, and probably could have used a bit more decanting than it was given (that is, little to none). In fact, my subjective memory is that it was somewhat similar to the '06 Wellington England Crest I’m sipping right now, albeit much less brawny in character and a little less weighty in mouthfeel.

The kashrut process (which, as I understand it, is little more than gentle pasteurization, though I’m sure it must be more complicated) doesn’t harm the texture, flavor, or character of the wine at all, but, much like FedEx leaving your case of wine in their hot aluminum toaster van all day, it does eliminate any possibility of substantial aging. I suspect these 2004’s need to be drank this year, at the latest.

First Passover WOOT!

This wine was served on a Holland America Line cruise I was on last summer. The quality is excellent. Most of the people I talked to, agreed with me opinion that this wine goes better with lamb or veal than beef. Also the balance of tannins is just about as perfect as it gets.

Realizing that the Wellington was almost half-the-Woot-price of the Herzogs here, I can’t in good faith recommend these for value. But, like PS, I do think it’s something worth trying and likely to please whether or not you keep kosher.

FYI: This wine is, indeed, flash pasteurized. This has minimal effect on aging potential. The process basically involves heating the wine for 15 to 30 seconds to 72 °C to 74 °C while flowing. It is then rapidly cooled in a matter of seconds to a temperature not exceeding 20 °C.

Looking this wine up on Herzog’s site indicates it as “non-mevushal.” http://www.shopherzog.com/Product/Wines/Library_Wines/2004_Herzog_Special_Reserve_Syrah,_Edna_Valley_04SRSY.html
Mevushal is the specific step you spoke of in “cooking” or gently pasteurizing the wine. So this wine is indeed Kosher but since it isn’t Kosher Mevushal is not heated in any specific way (aside from the fedex truck notion). And also, at a list price on their site of $40/bottle, this seems like a nice deal.

Kosher wines have come a long way in the last 10 years and Herzog makes some of the best. Unfortunately, most kosher wineries are making Bordeaux style wines, and I prefer Italian style wines instead. Herzog family, please consider making a Tuscan style wine or growing some Zinfandel!

No offense, but you don’t understand it. In fact, the process you outlined, called mevushal, has nothing to do with being kosher – many kosher wines (in fact, most made in Israel) are not mevushal. Mevushal wines are those that are flash-pasteurized, to enable them to be handled when open by non-Jews and still remain kosher.

Kosher wines are those made by sabbath-observant Jews, and inside Israel, are not made in the sabbath year (every seventh).

Dang, PS, I was typing the exact same thing when I refreshed the comments and saw your explanation.

WD, can you explain the “arrive by Passover” promise? Are we going to see two-day shipping on this, or are you just promising it will arrive by the end of Passover. It’s the difference between a buy and a non-buy for me, because I would like this for my seders on Monday and Tuesday night. Not so much for the rest of the week.

I see that this is kosher (and thanks to those who piped up to explain what that really means), but what I don’t see is whether it is KP, kosher for Passover. Anyone know? Couldn’t find any info on their site.

Also could not find an alcohol % – did anyone see that?

Happy Passover and Easter to those who observe.

Kosher wine is by definition kosher for passover.

Edit: Not exactly true, but I’ve never seen a kosher wine that wasn’t kosher for passover as well.

There is something about a Jewish (style) wine with a German (sounding) name that gives me pause.

Does anyone know of a good Israeli Gewürztraminer?

But this is CA wine and they say on the website it’s non-mevushal? So how is it kosher, then?

I was at an Israeli wine tasting last week and the best of the night was a Riesling. It actually had varietal character. Unlike the Syrah and the PS. :frowning: