2004 Highway 12 Serres Ranch Cabernet Blend Trio

2004 Highway 12 Serres Ranch Cabernet Blend Trio
$46.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Road-Ready
product(s): 3 2004 Highway 12 Serres Ranch Cabernet Blend

Damn… none of the Aleatico. I’ll wait to hear more…

In for two. What did I just buy?


Oh, bummer, didn’t make the “First sucker.”

But the guesses were right about this, price seems good, what can I say?

In for three! This is an amazing wine! I have gone back and ordered from the winery in the past. If you like a smooth cab style with a little attitude, this is your wine.

I still have two in my cellar and am loading up.


I am having a VERY hard time finding anything about this winery, I did discover that highway 12 is a main road leading to a lot of wineries in Sonoma.

not sure If I’m gonna woot.

Here’s the winemaker’s website for the Highway 12 series:


The wine in question also got a bronze medal from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition:


hm…all shipping included it saves about 10 bucks off the 20 list price (per bottle)
I am deffinatly in for 1. Although i might even end up doing 2 :slight_smile:
i dont think i would mind 6 bottles of this laying around. anyone know the window on this baby?

PS…that woot write up for this iis fantastic! i was el oh elling…

Can anyone find rating on this wine? If the winemaker is reading this I would love his input on the wine and time table for drinking.

This one has a screw cap, which doesn’t bother me.

This looks like a good one, and a good deal. Their site lists it for $22 for 1-5 bottles, $20.90 for 6-11 bottles.

I’m typically a fan of red blends, but what do you mean with “a little attitude”? Is it on the edgy side (doesn’t seem to go with the smooth cab style)?

I’m going to wait till I see more response on the wine…

This sounds great. I am definitely going to woot i might wait to hear some more about the cellaring potential of this to seei f i should order more.
Jeff in PDX

Found this

click here for the hottest grape on grape action!

its 6th up from the bottom of the page, i guess it earned a bronze. However…i will still get one. If i see more amazing things ill pick up 2.

This is the description from their website –>

Aged in two year old French Oak barrels, the oak delivers balance with the vast fruit character for which Sonoma is known. Then bottled in February of 2006, which is somewhat early for its varietal blend, I opted to release it with a screw-cap closure; I felt the finish captures and holds the flavor of the wine, and delivers a traditional Sonoma Valley wine with a non-traditional closure. A hearty and very balanced blend of equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, these traditional Bordeaux counterparts provide structure, big fruit and a silky texture suitable for most palates around the dinner table.

I’m not big on screw caps, but I may try this one. They sell at $22 per bottle

Sup Wine.Wooters!

We are fired up to bring you all the Highway 12. There are many great questions so far and I guarantee we’ll be involved with you all throughout this next week.

Couple notes for tonight about the wine, our winery and recent H12 accolades: we are the same guys that brought you Abandon Carneros Chardonnay last June. Since that time, we’ve been developing our brand portfolio and burrowing into the retail markets of NV, TX and CA. We’ll be going “live” in those markets in the coming weeks. H12 is our Cab based blend program from the Serres Ranch Vineyard along this great highway. Our winemaker, Michael Sebastiani and vineyard owner John Serres have worked together for many years…even previous to Generations of Sonoma. We feel very lucky to have access to such a wonderful Ranch. H12 is considered a “field blend” where all the grape components were combined during the harvest, crushed, fermented and aged all together. The result in our opinion is staggering. Our style is to let the fruit speak for itself and H12 is bold (Cab Sauv), soft (Cab Franc) and packed with concentrated fruit characteristics (Merlot) of which the Serres Ranch is known.

Accolades span a favorable response for this ‘premier release’ - Silver at the California State Fair Comp in 06, that Bronze in the recent SF Chronicle event, an 89 from the Wine Enthusiast in their December Buying Guide, and finally a soon-to-be-released accolade that cements this wine as ‘golden’.

Cheers to you all and here’s to a fun week. Also, look forward to Michael Sebastiani’s involvement during this week. Ask and you shall receive.

Looking at a good 5-7 years although drinking incredibly well right now. We bottled this over a year ago so the flavors have really united. Oh yeah and don’t let the screw cap fool ya!

Thank you for posting the other reviews!
May i ask what your involvment in the wine is?


Fastest first sucker ever?

Winery co-founder. Michael and I dreamed up this crazy idea back 4 years ago now.