2005-2006 Havens Syrah Hudson Vineyard Carneros - 3 Pack

2005-2006 Havens Syrah Hudson Vineyard Carneros - 3 Pack
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Condition: Red
22005 Havens Syrah Hudson Vineyard Carneros
1 2006 Havens Syrah Hudson Vineyard Carneros

CT links above.

Yes, we were told to expect Havens throughout 2009.

WD, no labrats again and still with the “first week of 2010 shipping?”

More Havens?

Defunct winery website.
Last available page from the internet archive:link

Some articles about what happened to Havens:
Wine Industry Insight
Napa Valley Register

Havens on Yelp
Havens on Facebook

carneros + syrah = want more info, sounds very tempting. if it were carneros + pinot I would be in for full …

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Between the woot-off, woot-cellar wine and havens wine I’m tapped out. Good thing I’m already divorced.

In case there are labrats for this offer …

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Aw no rats?

Are most of the DFW events invite only? My wife and I are amateur winos, always up for rubbing elbows with you professionals!

2005 Review

Expert Reviews
Rated: 90-93 by Stephen Tanzer, May/Jun 07
Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar
Ruby-red. Subtly complex nose melds blackberry, violet, bacon fat and peppery spices. Sweet, bright black fruit and game flavors are nicely lifted by a floral element. A bit tight in the middle but builds nicely toward the back and finishes with good aromatic persistence.

Awesome, awesome, awesome stuff. In the very unlikely chance I get ratted, I’ll open this next to its 1999 older brother.

I had the '04 and '03 recently in the last 6 months, and they are among the best Cali Syrahs I’ve tasted (though, admittedly, I’m not exactly one to seek out the deadbeat dad of the world’s greatest grape). Well-balanced, earthy, spicy, dark plummy fruits. Really just an out-and-out PleaSure to drink.

2006 Review
Tasted by puppetclause on 12/26/2009 & rated 70 points: Terrible, with tastes of tin and chemicals. Decanted but didn’t really get any better. A merlot was the same from them, wasn’t a fluke bottle. Avoid. (43 views)

Hmmm, Not sure where this “Nappa” Valley is. Not on my DeLong’s California Wine Map

Does anyone know this “Nappa Valley” :tongue:

Sounds like they had the buffoons at WTSO do the write-up. Today’s “gem” was a Burgundy from the “Australia” Region of France.

This is extremely tempting as this seems to be still among the year that Haven’s had a hand in it rather than Billington or Liquidator.

I’ll have to see how thing stand by comparison to the other retailers. This is a maybe.

All of the Wine.Woot events are open to Wooters. Just click on the link, and post in the thread and introduce yourselves. And none of us (well, maybe RPM) could be considered “professional”. We are always learning, especially from fellow wine.wooters.

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“You were so brash at first, but you’ve learned to have a subtle, complex nose melding blackberry, violet, bacon fat and peppery spices, and that’s a very attractive trait to have as you make your way in the world.”

I guess this isn’t vegetarian??

Nope. Nor Kosher … (pre-empting SG).

Nor with a Kosher Mac. :wink: