2005 H by Havens Velvet Three - Pack

2005 H by Havens Velvet Three - Pack
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Condition: Red Blend
Product: 3 2005 H by Havens Velvet
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Will this taste more like a Syrah? or a traditional cab?

do these have the same after Jan 4th ship date?

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So I guess this is one step down from Black & Blue? Can someone who has tried both comment on the difference? I do love me some Black & Blue, and for the price this seems like it should be hard to argue with.

In all likelihood, they will ship after the 4th.

Has anyone actually tried this wine? Find any ratings?

I almost broke down for Monday’s offering, could anyone suggest this one over the other one?

Considering I am a big PS fan I am leaning more towards this one, but I would appreciate a tip from the masters since I have not had this winery before.

I can’t even find any reference of this wine existing. I’m wondering if this is just one of the products the new owners came up with that never made it to market?

Found a review of the 2006 H by Havens Syrah (since this is 60% syrah):

Havens has long been a Syrah-making expert, and “H” is Havens’ top-of-the-line Syrah…

What makes it so? First and foremost, the best Syrah fruit of the vintage in Napa Valley’s Carneros growing region. Secondly, meticulous handling of the grapes. And thirdly, hands-on attention in the cellar from crushing and fermenting all the way through bottling. Syrah does not become “H” without a lot of TLC.

Havens Wine Cellars was established in 1984. While it makes very good Merlot and Cabernet Franc, the star of the cellar has always been Syrah. An “Old World” style of winemaking is embraced, and that’s what allows the earthy characteristics of the grapes to show through in the wines. Many California wineries blend away whose impressions; Havens has always embraced them.

This particular vintage is true to the “house style,” and also offers plenty of fruit flavor, joined by a hint of dark chocolate in the finish. Our tasting panel gives the “H” Syrah a solid “A” grade.

Had to put Colorado on the map. :slight_smile:

After reading the above review, I think I’ll need to change this to 2 or 3.

By the way, thank you for finding that review hld1970.


Well, its as close as I could find. Wrong year and different wine, but we’re playing horseshoes with this one :wink:

2005 with just 5% new oak. Anyone care to speculate on what that means about this offering, especially in terms of how drinkable it is at this time? (My $5 off birthday code is burning a hole in my virtual pocket.)

I’d like to know more on this one as well. De-classified Black & Blue? Or altogether different vineyard sources? This has the appearance of a wine put together by the “new management” that may or may not match quality of the original wine lineup.

I’d be interested if this is Carneros Syrah, but it only says Napa.

Love Syrah & Cab… anyone know if this is a good year? Anyone tried it before?

Agreed, but given what is known, I think it’s worth the pitch. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty close to the same percentages as the Black and Blue (this is 60/40 black and blue is 62/38). This might be the juice that didn’t make the cut to become Black and Blue but you get 3 bottles for the price of one so it seems like that’d be a fair trade.

ughh sounds like a good one but i can’t do it blindsided