2005 Havens Merlot Napa Valley - Four Pack

2005 Havens Merlot Napa Valley - Four Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
4 2005 Havens Merlot Napa Valley

CT Link above. Avg price pushing $17/bottle and a solid 88/89 point avg/median rating (20+ reviews). Suggested drinkability through 2012.

Syrahs still available @ http://wine.woot.com/monday

Defunct winery website.
Last available page from the internet archive:link

Some articles about what happened to Havens:
Wine Industry Insight
Napa Valley Register

Havens on Yelp
Havens on Facebook

2005 Havens Merlot Napa Valley - CellarTracker
Yup, sounds mighty tempting!

CellarTracker comments are pretty consistent on this one and the ratings, despite being a spray, seem to match that – Old World, Bordeaux-styled wine that ain’t gonna be a Cali-Fruit-Bomb.

…what to do…

Just renamed the wine cooler the Haven wine cooler. In for 3!!

I guess that might explain why we are seeing so many Havens offerings here on wine woot. No complaints here, just an observation.

After reading CellarTracker comments, I’M SO CONFUSED!! lol.

To Woot or not to Woot, that is the question…
I do have a birthday code burning a hole in my checkout page. Hmmmmmmmm…

Edit: Huh. Won’t accept my b-day code. :frowning:


For newbie wine drinkers who aren’t sure what they like, this is a pretty good deal. The per-bottle price is in the ball park of what you’re probably used to paying and you’re getting a wine that originally sold for about twice that.

So you drink a bottle and don’t like it. You’re expanding your palate at this point. Write some notes down on a piece of paper, put it with the remaining 3 bottles back in their shipping container and stick 'em in the bottom of the coolest closet in your house on their side.

Open a bottle a year for the 3 years after that and take notes. Not only will you get see how a wine ages (albeit for a short duration), your tastes will likely change and you may find a greater appreciation for the wine in the future.


(edit: and that smell is Gatzby… he’s been in the bean dip again.)

I think this is the one that was on the “short list” for the buyers from that other wine site. These should be really good. Unless I’m wrong.

[edit] [edit] yep, wrong. That was the 2006 they were crazy for.

Can I have a birthday code, please?

How does one obtain this elusive “birthday code”? My birthday came and went in August and I’ve been wooting for over a year. :frowning:

Rated: 87-89 by Stephen Tanzer, May/Jun 07
Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar
Good ruby-red. Reticent aromas of black cherry, redcurrant, licorice and tobacco leaf. Juicy, leanish and moderately concentrated, with a redcurrant flavor complicated by a floral element. A bit dry and dusty on the back end, in need of more thrust.

Oh yeah, here you go: http://www.wineaccess.com/store/havenswinecellarsdirectdecember09/

We’re supposed to just “get” one on the month of our anniversary(ies?). I never found email, nor PM, so I’m not sure what the procedure is. Maybe the carrier pigeons overflew the cellar here and landed in the bay, along with my code.

I believe the ‘Birthday Code’ is received in reference to the aniversary of your first wine.woot purchase, not your true b’day or woot sign up date. At least that’s how I remember it through the wine fog.

The '06 you’re referring to was included(2 plus 2 Cabs) in WW’s Dec 21 offering.
I think that’s it, and I ordered a set… sweeeet.

Congrats to you! I think I passed on that (as “Sideways”, and my experience, put me off merlots), but with all the hooplah I’m wondering if I mightn’t give this a try. It may be the only merlot I’ll ever like. We’ll see. Probably in for some.

Tonight’s pleasure is a 2006 Sterling Vintner’s Collection cabernet sauvignon. Nice, but even better after a pass through the vinturi. I remember most cabs being extremely tannic and unpleasant, but this wasn’t. Not as nice as an aged 1982 Frog’s Leap drunk circa 1998, but very pleasant. I may have to revisit cabs too.

In for two on this one.

I only have one bottle of this Merlot left in my wine cellar. Very nice juice and at this price you can’t go wrong. I have friends that aren’t big fans of Merlot that have gone out and purchased several bottles of this after I had them try it.

what is a b-day code? my bday is coming up :wink: