2005 Helix Merlot Stillwater Creek Vineyard Columbia Valley - 3 Pack

2005 Helix Merlot Stillwater Creek Vineyard Columbia Valley - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2005 Helix Merlot Stillwater Creek Vineyard Columbia Valley
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Oh, oh man… this is just mean. Do want.

No Vermont again. Was hoping 2011 would bring Helix-via-Woot back to Vermont, but no such luck. :frowning:

What is the alcohol content in this?

Seems to go for $21 (plus shipping) a bottle on wine-searcher.com so it doesn’t seem like an amazing deal. I’ve personally had the 2006 Pomatia (I bought a case here a while back) and have enjoyed it, but cannot attest to their 100% Merlot.

Edit: @ Nightghost: Alcohol content is 14.6% LINK

Indeed, the Helix Pomatia was good, if not great. two-dimensional with good fruit counterpoint. what makes this single-varietal Merlot more complex than that?

Wouldn’t a two-dimensional wine taste kinda flat?

(Sorry about that.)

well it wasn’t fizzy!

Funny, this has good acid, but the descriptions sounds quite ripe! how does that ffigure? I’m not a Merlot expert. Is this ready for drinking, or a long-keeping Merlot? My suspicion is that this being a second label it’s time to drink it up…

Oooh check out this pretty linky!

I already loved the Pomatia this summer and it’s hard to ignore this kind of ringing endorsement on top of that. Sounds like my kind of Merlot! Want to research a bit more on opinions and cost comparisons but given shipping costs most other places are killer and the east coast stores in general fail at bringing out the limited WA wines like these…pretty sure this is an auto-buy for me:-)

Edit: back from more research - more generally favorable notes/reviews.…the gold button looks more and more tempting:-)

Your link doesn’t work for me. 14.6% would typically mean a warmer climate Merlot. Stillwater Creek Vineyard experiences warm summer days and cool nights (and low rainfall) - very nice for Merlot.

This should differ a lot from the Long Island Merlots I’m used to (not that I’m that big a Merlot drinker). I hope we hear from Chuck.

Chuck mentioned “Sideways” in the vintner voicemail. I read an article which said that Merlot lost popularity just after that movie came out. Of course, PN increased in popularity. The article didn’t touch on the market for motorcycle helmets.

Wordek – That link to Waterford Wine Co in Milwaukee is offering this same '05 for $15/bottle with 10% off for a case purchase and 5% for a half-case. Or $85.44 for 6 bottles or $14.24/bottle. For a case, it’s $161.89.

If I Woot for two, that’s $105 or $17.50/bottle.

For me, it’s a 400 mile, 7 hour trip one way, or about $100 in gas and a weekend getaway in Milwaukee.

On the fence, but the woot price doesn’t seem to be an outstanding discount. Anyone else seen this around locally and for how much? Especially interested if it has been spotted in STL.

I really like to reference this vintage chart when it comes to unfamiliar territory. It seems to be a good generalization, but is by no means the final word for all wines and regions. It looks like 2005 was great for Washington CS and Syrah. Merlot probably followed suit. And always interpret Robert Parker/WA(or any other) reviews with a little second guessing :slight_smile: Wine Spectator gave this a 92, btw. http://reiningerwinery.com/awards/

Ready to push that gold button…oh no, not in North Dakota?

That really is a good writeup. Will consider buying this one because the chances of ever trying an appropriately aged Petrus are somewhat slim. Still, I wish the price was closer to the $15 and under range. My credit card is really hurting lately.

Saw that deal…For me I’m in MD so the drive is a bit further:p. Fortunateley I have family in VA and NH who can take woot shipping for me. Not ideal, but best I can do for now…

Helix was a no-brainer for me so the small mark down wasn’t a factor this time. For your seeing local question…Where you are in the country can strongly influence what wines you may see in local stores. I’ve lived in VA/SC/MD/NY/NH in recent years and can attest that apart from pricey botique stores where you might find some jewels in the rough, if you want WA wine out here your choices are Columbia Crest and Chateu St Michelle and otherwise, good luck;)

According to Wine Enthusiast’s 2011 Vintage Chart, Merlot did indeed follow suit.

Hard to dispute wine from your home state. In for one.

Okay, who has tasted pencil lead (graphite?) and why is it a bonus here along with charcoal smoke and cigar box?

The 06 Pomatia was Excellent! I have an 06 Helix Merlot which is good, but not as good.

I think I’ll pass on this one.