2006 Oscars


Well I guess actually it’s the 2005 Oscars since it’s a sampling of last year’s movies, but since it’s held in 2006 I just called it that. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’m curious who you favor in each of the categories? There really doesn’t seem to be that much interest in the Oscars this year. Possibly because there is still a large contingent of homophobic Americans and there are two movies with a lead actor(s) that are gay? Or possibly it’s simply that after last year’s ordeal of possibly the longest most boring Oscars ever, we simply just dont care.

At any rate, I love the anticipation concerning the event and I found a temporary site that will allow me to compete against folks and see how I fare against them. Last year, I got all of the Oscar winners correct for a contest, excluding the technical awards which are awarded seperately anyway and not actually the night of the Oscars.

I’m about 99% sure Brokeback mountain will take home the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director (Ang Lee), and Best Adapated Screenplay. Although the movie seems to have been worth watching I don’t think the individual actors and actresses in the movie that were nominated for the Oscar will take it home this year. Best Foreign film…you would not believe how much trouble I went to to find some scrap of insider knowledge concerning which movie will get picked and not just what movie has the most hype. This is one of the categories that most frequently surpises or should I say confounds as people usually are spread out evenly among the candidates as to their own personal picks.

Of the other categories there are some clear favorites, but I’m not that excited about the picks so I won’t discuss them. However, let me know who you think will win what category and if your feeling froggy you can challenge me by posting your picks here.

I had a link up for a contest that let you like show your final scores against each other, but really that’s too much trouble to go through. I’ll post all of mine when I can take a moment to grab them from the other site.


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mmmm Spam. Nasty stuff really though the Hawaiians eat it like crazy. Just took a cruise there for New Year’s. I didn’t have the Spam, but I did have the Poy.

Anyway, here are my picks though I’m still withholding the Foreign film info since I went to alot of trouble to get it :slight_smile:

Actor in a Leading Role Philip Seymour Hoffman - CAPOTE
Actor in a Supporting Role Paul Giamatti - CINDERELLA MAN
Actress in a Leading Role Reese Witherspoon - WALK THE LINE
Actress in a Supporting Role Rachel Weisz - THE CONSTANT GARDENER
Documentary Feature MURDERBALL
Documentary Short Subject GOD SLEEPS IN RWANDA
Film Editing CRASH
Foreign Language Film BLEEP
Music (Song) “In the Deep” - CRASH
Short Film - Live Action THE LAST FARM
Sound Mixing KING KONG
Sound Editing KING KONG
Visual Effects KING KONG
Writing (Adapted Screenplay) BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
Writing (Original Screenplay) CRASH



Its good to be great at something, eh?


But gosh! We could win something!!! Couldn’t we?!?!?


I suppose you could if you wanna go lookup some contests. :slight_smile: I removed that link to one even though it made comparing a little easier. :slight_smile: Last year I won 66 dvds and an entertainment system for picking the winners. But that was a relatively small win.

I’m not really good at picking the Oscars, but then I don’t use who I think should win when I make my picks, but rather who those people that are in the know think will win. I’m just a dumb mark like anyone else when it comes to what movies I go to see. Of those nominated I’ve only seen Walk The Line and Cinderella Man.


Well, I appreciate your interest in the Oscars . . . as far as I’m concerned, it’s just another example of Hollywood’s self-licking ice cream cone . . .

I might be a little more interested in the movies if they’d set out to entertain and quit lecturing . . .


did someone say something about self-licking??


That’s mostly true of any awards show though you only change the industry when talking about a diffrent awards ceremony. The presenters and nominees get these awesome gift bags with a few thousand dollars worth of items in them. I just mention that to reinforce what you said about them being self congratulating.


Ahhh crap… I agree. {what’s gotten into me}

What hollywood needs is a nuclear powered plasma enema.



I’d pay to see that !!


And you’re just the lemming to do it!!!


I would recommend like going out and Googling for some Oscar contests and just making some picks. Basically, the best strategy is to choose your weakest 2 or 3 categories and vary who you pick for those through the diffrent contests. I’m not a professional movie industry guy, but I know alot about doing contests and hedging your bets.


Actually, just look for what issue du jour hollywood is focused on, and that’ll be your best bet.

Serenity was a fantastic movie, but won’t get a nod

Brokeback fits the current Hollywood mindset, so that’ll win. Despite no one really liking or wanting to see it.

It was annoying to see a commercial for it. It’s a love story they said - What was on the screen? A man, a woman, and a kid laughing and happy.

But that’s not the love story. The love story is two men destroying the lives of their wives and kids for sex.

Way to go Hollywood. Toss families in the trash to make a tender love story of two men kissing…

make that four nuclear plasma enemas, then a history eraser button to wipe out the town of Hollywood.


I don’t particularly like the idea of Brokeback Mountain either, but it’s not better or worse then any other movie about adultery. I read the synopsis on the movie and the started their relationship before they were married so though it doesn’t make it any better it doesn’t come across as such a sudden passionate event.

I often don’t agree with who the Academy picks to win the Oscars, but I’m a self confessed low brow when it comes to the nuances of acting and directing etc. So maybe the picks they’re making are the best of the industry. I mean I kind of get the idea of the difference between myself and those voting when I was reading someone’s post on another board picking the latest installment of Batman to not only get nominated, but take home an Oscar for Best Picture. Comparitively it’s probably equivilant, the Oscar academy to me is the same as me to that guy/girl.


Hey DM - Eino has a husky too - pic in his sig line

you gonna go see that new movie about the sled team that is turned loose in the wilds to survive on their own?


What was the name of that again? I think my fiance wants to see it because it’s got that dude from 2 Fast 2 Furious in it…Paul Walker? I may be wrong on his name.


sometin about ‘eight’…briefly read about it today…don’t think I will go - don’t need to see any more animal suffering than I already see in real life

edit - just googled it - “Eight Below”


I’m rather keen on seeing V for Vendetta now. Which is odd because I hated the way it looked when it first started being previewed. Of course Natalie Portman being in it helped bring me around.


8 below and one of the dogs looks like Spirit, but not nearly as big.

And I disagree about the Oscars being about acting and Nuances or even professional effects.

It’s merely a dinner party where they put their message out.

Much like the Sundance awards. They even admitted that Farenhype 911 won strictly as a political message.