2006 Turnbull Weitz Cabernet Sauvignon - Two Pack

2006 Turnbull Weitz Cabernet Sauvignon - Two Pack
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Where’s mill? I was hoping to delay telling the hubby. Not exactly possible when listed as first sucker all day! :wink:

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I am a big Turnbull fan. This one, however, doesn’t jump out as a “great” deal. Interwebs suggests this bottle is available in the $50 area.


That being said: Take the inexpensive shipping and the $10/btl discount and buy these. Turnbull cab is a treat.

this isn’t the same wine…

In for one might as well I seem to buy everything else :0

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TA? pH? Alc. %? Oak treatment?

Wine Spectator tasting notes:
Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Weitz 2006. A rich, loamy, earthy style, showing dense dried currant, tobacco, sage and underbrush tones that are full-bodied, turning dry and leathery on the finish. Drink now through 2017. 500 cases made. –JL

Edit: The WS rating was Very Good.

2006 Turnbull Weitz Cabernet Sauvignon - Two Pack
$79.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
2 2006 Turnbull Weitz Cabernet Sauvignon

CT link above.

First sucker: rfrusso
Speed to first woot: 1m 1.407s
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Twice in a row? I propose we pass around the hat for poor ol’ Mill.

You are right. I tried to edit but kept getting errors. Will try again soonish.

Too expensive even if it is a good value. This should have been a single bottle offering. Why can the other woot sites have offerings under $20 on a regular basis but the wine.woot site never can get below $49?
You have knocked my socks back on, woot. I can’t afford to buy wine here.

Should the winery show up for some commenting I am curious: Is there a difference between the Oakville cab and the Weitz cab? Write-ups on Turnbull suggest that the Weitz property is in Oakville but the woot description suggests that the grapes are sourced from multiple locales.

So what’s the score? Are the Oakville cab and the Weitz cab the same? Different? Pricing is similar, I would assume for a single-source grape combined with my experience with the Oakville cab: there would be more of a retail price differential.

Oh how I love Turnbull and I’m a wine club member. I can attest I have had previous vintages and this vineyard is fantastic. This appears to be a pretty decent price for this two pack. I’m probably going to pull the trigger but need to decide on how many.

how good is this deal?

I would have pulled the trigger if this was a $60 offering. I just can’t bring myself to spend $20 more than what Corison, Ty and Cornerstone offerings go for…

So is Peter Heitz a time-traveling communist from the future?

The Weitz vineyard is where Maybach Materium hails from (a single block of it). If I were not deep into my buying freeze, this would be a no-brainer.

Turnbull Website

Turnbull at Yelp

Article by Paul Franson

Might be interesting, but it’s expensive and 2006, not a vintage that excites me to spend more than ‘daily drinker’ money when there are still 2005’s and 2007’s to be had, which promise more both now and in the long run.