2007 Private Reserve Syrah (6)

McClean Vineyards Paso Robles Syrah 6-Pack
$68.99 $145.00 52% off List Price
2007 McClean Vineyards Private Reserve Estate Syrah, Paso Robles

Description says 3 pack. Is this 3 or 6?

Looks like 6.
cmaldoon: You were a big fan of this back in September. Have you opened any others since then and what is you opinion now?
Any others want to chime in?

I’ll chime in - isn’t it odd that the name of the winery isn’t stated on the main sale page?

Now I am upset. I could get by without the Wellington, but I missed out when they offered the '05/'07 mixed case a couple of weeks ago and now no shipping to NY.

No NY again. Please tell me what has changed.

Is any wine in this woot-off shipping to NY? Not that I need to spend more money on wine. WTSO has been keeping me busy.

'tis a 6 pack.

I think the winery is now closed.

Woot is being oddly cagey (although still extremely helpful) about the fact that they stopped shipping to NY a few weeks ago. What we do know is that this is a Woot decision, because it has affected wineries that are usually able to ship to NY. WineDavid has noted that some wineries may be able to offer similar terms to the Woot if you contact them directly. For an offer such as this one, though, we may be out of luck.

I am beginning to lose hope that this situation is just temporary, although my wine cupboard (and my local branch of Trader Joe’s) are relieved.

I’ve been told by several other folks that full information is somewhere else on the Woot! website. Well, I’ve looked and I can’t find it. What’s more, others can’t find it, either. I dare say that Woot’s blog system could use a re-organization…

First time posting here… I coincidentally opened one of these last night from a previous order. I used to live in the CA Central Coast and worked in wine for a few years, and by those standards, this isn’t a knockout Syrah. Good body and spice, but with a slightly burnt/bitter earthy finish that does mellow as it opens up. But if you live in a place where you can barely find any Syrah at local merchants (as I do now in FL), this is a decent QPR. Just let it breathe.

Yes, they are closed. Woot got the last of their bottled juice and have offered it as a “last chance” opportunity a few times this summer.

I have loved their Syrahs (this vintage and the 2005) and was kicking myself for not buying more a few weeks ago. Not this time. In for one!

Easy pass, high pH and alcohol, not a good wine for me.

Honestly, if anyone is on the fence… you should go ahead and pull the trigger on this. I ordered 1 1/2 cases on the first offering, didn’t care for the Rose… but I ordered another case of the 2007 during the last offering, and just put in for another case today. The comment about this being initially bitter (PNP) are true, but give this wine about 1hr to open and it is singing. this is the steal of the year IMHO…I challenge you to find a better QPR…

These are fantastic Syrah’s. In for 3+. I really enjoyed the 2005 and especially enjoyed the 2003. I now have 31 bottles of 2007 and 12 bottles of 2005 in my cellar to enjoy over the next decade. Get it while you can because this is the last of their wine.

I hear you. I got slapped down for daring to ask where the specific info RE NY was posted, but like you, can’t find it.

I have the feeling that it was something stupid like a paperwork F-up; someone forgot to get something renewed and then had to re-apply as a result. If so, it would be nice if Woot would put a PROMINENT post somewhere.

In the meantime they have already lost a lot of my $$ that I would have spent on wine on this wootoff.

I don’t think it is a clerical error. In the past they made a clerical error and one deal wouldn’t ship to Nevada, I posted, and within the day(in time for me to buy even) it was corrected and I could order. I have a feeling the NY issue is much more involved.

Thankfully, I’m sitting on a 3-year vertical, 2003-2005 (2/2/8)and 8 bottles of the 2007. No wine for me in NY… Wine woot screwed up royally somehow and we’re feeling it. Fortunately, some of the wineries have accommodated me. I hope someone at woot gets flogged at least 50 lashes!

Can’t believe I missed this :(((((