2007 Private Reserve Syrah (6)

McClean 2007 Private Reserve Syrah (6)

I’ve come to be (mostly) about the wine, but it does seem odd/coincidental that the BOC stuff going on at woot.com down to the minute coincided so perfectly with the change here. that said, I’ve purchased this wine and found it, well, bleh. Better than Copa, but, bleh.

I picked this up the last two times offered … now they don’t ship to GA? what is the deal… do they change state shipping laws on a weekly basis??

I have a good amount of both the '05 and '07 vintages. I find them both excellent, especially the 2005. I’m gonna think about getting another six of these.

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On Aug 22, 2013 I ordered and took delivery of this wine. I’ve been waiting for it to resurface during the current woot off. Now that it is here - it tells me it "cannot ship to my state’! What gives? I like the wine and want another 6 bottle. Can anyone help?

Don’t think too long. Woot got the last of their bottled juice before the winery closed. There can’t be much left and will not be any more produced.

Of course there was that wine they still had in the barrels. I hope Woot Cellars got that too and will offer it up some time in the future.

Love this Syrah. Give it air for about an hour and it is really good. I’m thinking 6 more to add to the (too many) cases I already have to figure out storage for.

Edit: I’m in (again)
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cmaldoon: do you still think this is one of the best syrahs you’ve tried?

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EDIT: just opened a bottle and now thinking maybe 6 more. This is really an outstanding QPR. Nice dark cherry and a little mocha. It is not hot straight out of the bottle (as a few tasters had thought). Tasty, tasty, tasty. Don’t second guess this one. It is well worth the $12 a bottle.

Geez, I really want this!

Great Syrah. I got the 2005/2007 mixed offer about a year ago. One of the best QPR wines I’ve gotten in 200+ bottles from Wine.Woot.

In for 2.

If this was the 2005 I’d be in for 3. Hint, hint W00t!
(Sadly there isn’t likely to be any left at this point)

Says it can’t be shipped to Mi either. I’ve bought a lot of wine here and now all of a sudden I can’t? When did the rules change

Sept. 9th. MI and about 15 other states

Bought it last time:
Nose: OAK! Smokey, bourbon.
Palate: very oaky flavor. Bourbon comes to mind again. Smokey. Tabacco? Undercurrents of plum.
balance: the smokey oak is over powering, so not really balanced. That being said, I like it.
Conclusion: “nice” Needs food. Maybe a nice steak and au-gratin potatoes.
Finish of tannins is long lasting.

I missed this as well, but sure enough NM is now out of the game too.

Can you point to where you learned the specifics of this change?


hey WOOT, wheres my RBW &
Ardente (AKA Arfredente)???

Keep an eye out on woot plus in the relatively near future Mr. Arfredente.

I bought this last time it was offered. Definitely in for 1 more, maybe 2. A nice bit of smoke (not like Michael David smoke, which is good in its own way) and fruit.

I agree it’s a little hot when first opened, but it really settles into smoky/cherry-ish layers after ~30m (i.e. don’t chug it).

Sorry john, I only know this by observation. There are little to no know specifics on this. It seems to have started with a legal ruling in NY then suddenly spread to a host of other states about a month later. Has been discussed in a thread on world of woot wine page.

I am so upset. This is the wife’s fav, and I could not buy.