2007 Ursa Vineyards Mix (4)

Ursa Vineyards 2007 Mix 4-Pack
$58.99 (Normally $78.00) 24% off List Price
2007 Petite Sirah, Vineyard Blend
2007 Petite Sirah, Paso Robles
2007 Petite Sirah, Sierra Foothills
2007 Tannat, Lodi
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7/16/12 (Plus)

I got the Tannat last time around and thought it very tasty - if this were 4 x Tannat I’d be all over it. For now, I’m in the “considering” camp. Any thoughts about the other 3 bottles?

The Petites are awesome, and absolutely a steal at this price. Vineyard blend is the most approachable, but these are about as old world and austere as petite gets. These need more time and air than just about any other PS I’ve had, but your patience will be rewarded.

I’m looking forward to trying the Tannat, and uh, oh yeah, in for 2.

So the PS will hold for quite some time if necessary?

then in for 1 it is! and thankyou!

(and I think you’ll find the Tannat a very interesting contrast)

Yup! I don’t have any experience with super-long term aging, but other than the vineyard blend (which I’d recommend drinking within 5 years), the others will be fine if you forget about them for 5 years.

You sold me, a PS recommended by you and a varietal I was intrigued by and almost bought when it was up the first time; can’t pass that up. I was also looking for a PS the other day and realized I didn’t have much variety (and didn’t want to kill a baby KR PS) so this will go perfectly.

And now free shipping unlocked, so I am sure I will pick up random junk I don’t need.

This endorsement means alot. thank you.

You can give him his commission now, I won’t look.

Hey, you offer the petites, I’ll chime in. That’s the deal :slight_smile:

Enjoy! Just remember to give these a lot of air or vinturi or soiree or however you want to aerate it.

Oh, and pair with the biggest, fattiest, gamiest hunk of meat you can find.

Would you compare these to KR, Red Zeppelin, …?

I want, but have no idea where I would put it all…

At least with the previous vintages, they were much “tighter” than those. Flavor-wise, they’re not too far off the Black Zeppelin, but they’re more austere and less fruit-forward. I haven’t sampled this batch, but I’d expect more of the same.

as long as you don’t go int othe dumb period :slight_smile:
the 06s are still really really tannic!