2008: A Shirt Odyssey

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Wow this is an awesome shirt! I’m in!

Grats BRC!! very interesting collage for 2008

irrelevant & unnecessary …

[much like this comment]

I’d never wear it, but it’s a kick to look at all or the pictures and remember when and what each one is.

If you have a holiday themed shirt, give us a chance and offer it a week or so before the holiday. I would have ordered a bunch of the ugly sweater shirts if I had the chance…

That said, I’d pass on this one because I don’t like it.

Some of the images make me want to buy it, others don’t.

Love that the puppy cam made it on!

Requesting answer key.


Kind of like the Billy Joel song but just for one year.

I’m in. I’ll wear it once probably, but its still a nice design.

that is one busy shirt

2008 is year of the rat. So why is there a frog?

nvm, figured it out by googling. Though it’s strange…

I like this! I love my kindle. :slight_smile:

I’m not getting the frog either…or the black bikini poster opposite the Joker poster.?.?

Love the shirt. Happy Birthday - from me, to me.

Bettie Page.

Although I wouldn’t wear this, I quite like it and am amused by what was included on the shirt :smiley: Congrats to the artist on the print

Let’s see:

Betty Page died
so did George Carlin
Guitar hero
Thomas the “Pregnant man”
the Kindle
the tool bag floating away in space
the Chinese Olympics
the Pirate attacks off of Africa
Heath Ledger and the Joker
The “Lipstick on a pig” comment
and then the correlation with the dog and Sarah Palin
the recession
the year of the frog, year of the ox
Isaac Hayes died
The puppy watching site
the penguins and the melting ice cap

I think the only two I’m not remembering off hand is the movie in the top corner left, and the two ad guys in the bottom right.

—EDIT—Ooops wait not year of the frog, wasn’t even thinking. Not sure but I think it’s refering to the Aesop’s fable about being to big for your britches maybe?