2008 Argento Chardonnay Mendoza, Argentina - 6 Pack

2008 Argento Chardonnay Mendoza, Argentina - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2008 Argento Chardonnay, Argentina
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No ship to Ohio now?

Does this change daily? I just got some wine a couple of weeks ago from Woot…what the difference between this wine and that?

CT not much help, but the numbers sure look interesting, most certainly dry and seemingly not a lot of oak. Anything like the TLC from long ago? At ~$9/bottle for a single woot the $ is quite attractive. I’m light on whites. Rats! We need the rats… Vintner link

Juan does not have the typical Argentine accent. I wonder why?

I am quite familiar with different spanish accents, having worked and travelled during most of my 23 yrs military career (USAF).

Perhaps Juan is not Argentine?

No Illinois either, and I have made a wine.woot purchase in the past.


Oh wait… that doesn’t work yet?

Shipping to states changes upon winery. Every deal will have a new list and will be listed appropriately on the main page for that offer.

As a side note, even if a certain winery has a listed state on their own site, does NOT mean they can ship for woot offers. Good 'ol stick in the mud legislature only allows them to ship so many bottles… (boo!)

Our ship-to state lists are always dependent on each wineries licenses as they are the shipper. If they don’t have a permit for that state, the wine will not be sold to that state.

International wines add an entirely new level of complexity and laws. As such, the state lists will always be shorter for international wines.

Hope this helps!

I was so excited to see another white wine listed, to only read that it cannot be shipped to my state. WHA??? Hopefully next time.

Each winery has to purchase the license to ship to a certain state individually. This is a first for me though-Maryland but no Virginia???


As an out-of-luck Ohioan, I’m just glad this is a Chard and not an Albarino, Malbec or Torrontes because that would be upsetting to me…

Darn 2012 so far has not been a good ‘Red’ year.

Dangit! First time I can remember Missouri not being on the list …

Shoot! I was all set to order as my whites are getting low as well…an no Michigan! ~boo~

Oh well, have a great day anyhow everyone! :slight_smile:

You can thank our soon to be in the big house govenor for that. I need to start researching what has to be done so we IL’s can get wine shipped from out of the country.

The first one I’ve wanted that can be delivered to Maryland!!!

It would be an auto-buy for 2… except TX isn’t on the list.

an interesting wine. but yep, limited states today.

I am on the fence and NM is on the ship to list. Not a lot of info out there for this one. Can anyone push me over to the buy button?

As a novice wine wooter, how should I know whether to buy this, even for have with Karen? My reading the FAQ, it seems that its appearance on this site is an endorsement by wine.woot (unlike woot.com whose listings imply a good deal, but not necessarily a great product).