2008 Esterlina Reserva Pinot Noir (2)

2008 Esterlina Cole Ranch Reserva Pinot Noir 2-Pack
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2008 Esterlina Cole Ranch Reserva Pinot Noir
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Anyone tried this?

I bet someone has recently.

Ron has.
It was also an offer back in Jan 2012 http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=4819741

Is it sad that I knew mill would be the first person to woot? Sadder still I know he lives in Florida? Anyhoo, it’s amazing the loyalty and really the dependability of the long term wooters. Any wine comments?

Hi fellow Winos,

Reporting in from a recent wine cruise with our winery and two others, this Cole Ranch Reserve Pinot was hands on favorite from nearly 12 wines. as the old guard wootders may remember, The Cole Ranch AVA is a test question on Court of Masters Sommeliers exam. In addition we have have had 3 wines featured on White House menus from this AVA. Cool turkey dinner and holiday wine trivia…

Last week a flying monkey made an unexpected visit to my office, he flew off before I could ask any questions, leaving a small mysterious box on my desk.

I saved the box until Sunday evening to open, and was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of 2008 Esterlina Cole Ranch Reserva Pinot Noir. Excellent, I love a good Pinot.

Cooked grilled chicken breast, along with a nice summer salad to go with it.

I opened the bottle, and into the decanter it went until dinner was ready. Fast forward about 45 minutes, and it was time to pour the first glass.

Fairly dark ruby color, a few swirls presented long, slow descending legs. The initial sniffy sniff offered a muted nose of cherries, no heat, but not too much else. Time for a sample. Pleasant taste of tart cherries, bit of smoke, perhaps a bit of earth, fairly short finish. Well balanced, simple, seemed a bit tight.

It did open up a little bit during the course of the evening, with more intense cherry and red fruit, but still fairly simple, with the other characteristics remaining unchanged.

I saved about half the bottle to try the following evening hoping it would open up, and improve, but it actually started to fade, so I’m not sure on the aging potential.

Although I tend to look for more complex Pinots, overall it was decent if you enjoy lighter California Pinot Noirs.

If this is half as good as their Reislings you should buy this without a second thought.

Unless you just don’t like pinot…

I love Esterlina wine in general and purchased the prior offering. I thought it tasted too smoky for my taste. And 2008 was the year of smoke taint from forest fires for that area.

salted caramels on home woot
just tossed the last empty box yesterday.

Hi, thanks for the post. Very good knowledge about the wine and the fires in Anderson Valley that year. The great trivia facts bout the Cole Ranch appellation is that it is a significant distance from the Andesrson Valley as is the Alexander Valley which is also southeast if the Anderson Valley. We owned vineyards in the Alexander Valley too and neither AVA was affected by smoke taint in that vintage. The other good news is that any smoke flavors you may notice are the medium toast of the oak (french) barrels and softening of tannins. To share analysis of my recent bottle, dried cherry, plum, and a raspberry jam were all evident with this dark fruit Pinot Noir. Enjoy!

Notes coming…

Also, for those interested in more info about Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges, peruse our very own Coolers? thread.

Nice tips and info from fellow Wooters. Especially good since there’s the Woot Plus sale on Wine Fridges now.

2008 Esterlina Pinot Noir Reserva, Cole Ranch

Unexpectedly a bottle of this arrived with other deliveries week or so ago. Thinking this may be a Black Tie Tuesday offer, I scrambled to assemble a group of reliable tasters for a Saturday or Sunday gathering. That failed; one couple was in Tahiti, another canceled as he delivered SWMBO to an ER, she’s fine now btw. All this left just SWMBO and I on a Monday evening with some grilled salmon and a bottle of wine.

The double hinged woot waiters corkscrew easily extracted a beautiful cork, showing some tartrate crystals I’m learning to respect.

No decant, just PnP to a glass, with 375 reserved into a split for later comparison.
Clear ruby to garnet in color, at first pour and a bit too chilled, a swirl and cherry/cola was the predominate component.

Tears were a bit slow to form and a short movie would have shown these much better, but were fun to watch just the same, and difficult to photo.

First taste followed the aroma, a bit sharp on entry through mid palate, seems like a touch of alcohol despite the stated 13.8%, and a medium finish with some oak/tannin. Seems like a solid CA PN and well complemented a grilled salmon supper. Enjoyed this, but given the anticipated price point, was expecting a bit more.
Generous remainder was left in the 750 with a zork, no vacuvin, Ar or special treatments and back to the fridge with the split for later.

Thursday evening, that’s plus three full days…

Two pours this evening, one from the 750 and the other from the split.
The split remained unchanged from Monday, the 750 evolved considerably, in a good way.

Aroma now was huge of ripe red raspberries, seemed like it could have been a totally different wine had I not known differently. SWMBO thought some blackberry was there as well in addition to the raspberry and cherry. There was still the cherry-cola there, but raspberry ruled. The entry had softened as well, and the mid palate now showed a bit of earth and herb. Some fine integrated tannins/oak were now more evident, and contributed to an enjoyable finish.
Supper was PS marinated grilled lamb chops, the tegame di sedano rapa, fontina e prosciutto from earlier, with asparagus, corn and bread. This went well with the salmon, but even better here. The subtle hints of earth and bramble complemented the lamb and celery root nicely, as did the pleasing acidity and mildly drying finish that made this quite a food friendly bottle.
SWMBO, not a huge fan of pigmented wine, keep reaching for the bottle. I’m doomed if she takes a liking to PN’s like this one, but I have a bit left in the split for today.

This seemed a bit pure for my tastes, and was tightly wound on day one, but improved considerably on day three. I personally lean more to the earthy/mushroomy spectrum of flavors, but was impressed at SWMBO’s comments.
This is well above my normal price point for a weekday bottle, and I was quite surprised when it wasn’t the Black Tie offering, but I’m going to have to give this some serious consideration, and go read any other reviews that may have gotten posted. I’ve kept myself blind to any already there, but expect at least one other to appear.

[edit] interesting bsevern and I see this evolving in different directions with some open time…

Mendocino. 2008. Fires. Smoke taint?

none noted by me or earlier post by skisterling

as always, thorough and trusted notes. nicely done. And welcome Esterlina winery to the fray! Glad to have you.

And welcome back NY to the list of states Woot! ships to! For the record, I never, ever referred to our state legislators as “stick-in-the-mud crotchety old killjoys.” I have no idea of their relative ages.