2008 Palate Pinot Noir, Butler Vineyard - 3 Pack

2008 Palate Pinot Noir, Butler Vineyard - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2008 Palate Pinot Noir Butler Vineyard
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I tasted this with Darek a few months ago now. A bright and fruit forward sexy litte Pinot Noir. Super cool find. Darek should be piping in on the boards any minute now with more technical information.

Butler Vineyard and Palate Wine Story

The Butler Vineyard is owned by Anil Bembey, a passionate restauranteur who served Sonoma County’s finest Indian cuisine through his restaurant, the Maharaja Lounge in Santa Rosa. It was here that he honed his passion for the fine wines he brought to his patrons soon driving him to develop his own vineyard within the Russian River Valley. He chose a spot with vine stressing clay soil on the upper Santa Rosa Plain. Pinot Noir clone 667 was a good match for this area where the days can be hot if they are not completely fogged in. The vineyard has seamlessly provided fantastic flavors in all of it’s 10 years of production.

Darek and Anil began a partnership during the 2008 vintage where Darek makes all the wine from the Butler Vineyard and at the end they split it, half going into Old World Winery’s label and the other half going into Anil’s private label called Palate Wine:

Russian River Valley

2008 Pinot Noir 667 Clone (100%)

180 cases bottled June 25, 2010

20 Months 100% New Mercurey French Oak (Boutique Cooperage)

Tasting Notes:
On the nose this wine has multiple layers that evolve in the glass including sweet spices, bramble berries, and sliced peaches. On the palate black cherry predominates with licorice, cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg. Maintaining its food balance is easy given it has low alcohol, pleasant tartness, and a smooth finish.


Already got gallons of olives – NEED Cheese!!!

Yikes. I expected a black tie with this price…

Sad to say but these days $25 per bottle for Pinot, especially from RR, is cheap.

this is actually a first time National release for Palate PN too.

Is this the first time for this winery on Woot? The label is looking familiar but searching for the word Palate produces too many false hits.

I have to ask the obligatory question with a 2008 PN. Is there any smoke taint?


Having found some exceptional Pinot last summer at lunch, this reminds us very much of the lovely Pinot we enjoyed. In for three.

Zero, this is 100% from RRV fruit.

yes - first time on Wine.Woot! very small batch production. $50 is the normal retail per bottle.

I’m down for one. I wish there was more experience out there with this wine, but it has such a pretty label


This wine is a good combination of Anil’s desire to plant one of the best Pinot Noir Vineyards in Russian River Valley and my natural winemaking technique which allows the terroir of that place to show through.

for those who haven’t seen this yet, Darek is one of the featured winemakers in http://winefromhere.com

Does anyone have the alcohol % on this one? How long can I expect to cellar this for? Thanks!

OK, I give, from a newbee, what is RRV? Sorry for the stupid question.

Darek, any particular producer this would compare to, flavor profile in particular? It’s such a new find!

RRV = Russian River Valley