2008 Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine - 2 Pack

2008 Tetra Napa Valley Red Wine - 2 Pack

$109.99 + $5 shipping

PRODUCT: 2 2008 Tetra Napa Valley Red Blend
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Wow never thought w.woot would offer a Tetra Pak of wine…

please laugh

I think I might need two black ties for today’s deal.

Is this the highest % of Petite Verdot offered in a w.woot selection other than a straight up Petite Verdot? Intriguing.

Don’t tell the Aussies or South Americans Malbec isn’t “noble.”

What does Petit Verdot bring to the wine? I’m unfamiliar with it outside of Champagne. Does it lighten the mix? Add more structure? Is it a high sugar grape or low?

Whats the low down?

I smiled. One of the most enjoyable glasses of wine I’ve had was from a tetra pak box and enjoyed from a plastic cup. It was on top of Mount Rose with the woman who agreed to marry me on that day. She brought the wine, which just solidified the deal!

At only 15% off before shipping ($65 from website) this doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal. Hard to justify a nearly $60 bottle with so many other awesome QPR wines. Although it’s always nice to see ww mixing it up and providing a deal for the high rollers.

Would love to hear from the winemakers if they think this wine a good candidate for my son’s 21st birthday? He was born in 2008…

I hope you are cellaring some of that stuff just to reflect on a great memory and have a good laugh some day!

We can deduce from the wine map so far that Mill is from Florida

better add a monocle and a top-hat too…

Off the top of my head the Titus Lot 1 that was offered a few years back (that I bought) is 30% PV. I’m sure there were probably others that were higher.

This stuff might be too classy for wine.woot! :slight_smile:

The website says the 07 should age for 15 to 20 years…

We took a picture - figured it would last longer. :wink:

This may well be the most expensive per bottle price of wine on wine.woot ever!?!?!

PV is a big grape, adds a bunch of structure and tannin to the wine.

For Champagne you are probably thinking of Pinot Meunier…

Petit Verdot adds structure, color, and it’s own specific aromatics. The grapes are small (hence the first part of the name) which means a higher skin to juice ratio; one factor in the high tannins and the deep color (most red wine gets its color from the skins, more skin means deeper color all else being equal). Violets and maybe graphite are frequent descriptors for the aroma.

Petit Verdot is not used in Champagne (and Champagne is all the better for it, I’m sure). The only black grapes in Champagne are Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. I imagine it’s the latter that was in your head. Rarely found outside of Champagne (and not all that often in it, for that matter).