2009 Denier Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley Zinfandel - 3 Pack Winemaker,Peter Wellington

2009 Denier Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley Zinfandel - 3 Pack Winemaker,Peter Wellington
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PRODUCT: 3 2009 Denier Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley Zinfandel
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oh boy!!!
Hey peter, can you please tell us the drinking window on these??

Wait, did someone say Wellington?

This is enjoyable now, after 9 months of bottle age. Alexander valley Zins tend to be more open, plush and fruit forward than Sonoma Valley Zins. This 2009 Denier Handal Zin will certainly hold up for a few years, but it doesn’t cry out for aging.

awesome!! thank you! that’s the answer i was hoping for!

and this famous vineyard-wizard manages all their vineyards…Ulises Valdez


Photo taken a few years ago on the Handal’s front porch overlooking Dry Creek Valley (their home is surrounded by the Hulen Vineyard)

Hi Peter! I see these guys are a Cab supplier for your own label, and that one of our most sophistomacated connoisseurs on the woot (cabffrancophile) gave a huge thumbs up to your own Cab from this Alexander valley vineyard. Same soil conditions and microclimate for the Zin fields too? Does this mean the challenges for making this andd your cab are the same, or you have to treat the two varieties differently? Warmer weather there compared to some others of your vineyards?

Oh, and they have medicinal plants from the Andes too :wink: ?

R E D E M P T I O N !!

Peter would this Zin be identical to a Wellington Handal Vineyard Zin, or is the blend differnt?

I should have guessed he also made an own-brand Zin from there!

It does occur to me that they called their wines Denier Handal. I’m wondering if that’s because if they called it Handal Denier they’d receive a lot of complaints from Zadok, Nathan, and other lovers of fireworks and the Water Music?

Really interested… Just need a little more info… CT didn’t have a lot of info…

Off topic.

Despite all the complaining about the JanKris offering, no winery participation and few labrats actually posting I see that that woot in the end sold 710 cases!

Cheap wine sells, no doubt about it.

The question is, is it any good (“good” being relative)?

I am in for one. Would love to rat. Big Wellington fan… Looking forward to this one tremendously!

No rats on Monday offer.

Yes, that is the question isn’t it. I came away with the impression that it was fair valued and the earlier woot quality problems weren’t repeated but who knows.

For me it just wasn’t a good move - particularly since I just bought 2 cases of every day wine from Cameron Hughes during their last 15% off sale.

Now that it’s over, I can say I’ve been disappointed with their $4 Big Lots offerings, even having had the bottles when they were newer and stored correctly…Riatta was okay, everything else underwhelming, IMHO.

Breaking my heat-imposed WBM to pick this up. In for one, looking forward to snapping one off as soon as it arrives.

Actually, our Handal Denier Cabernet comes from their Dry Creek vineyard (and has been the foundation for our Victory Reserve since 2004). The Zin (and “PS”) is from a warmer vineyard site and does need slightly different treatment. Anyway, we approach Zinfandel differently, and we also discuss style and technique with our custom crush clients. Some, such as Dick Handal and Michael Muscardini (in the past) have definite ideas and give us significant input. Others just say “Make the best wine you can.”

IF there were a Wellington Handal Vineyard Zin, it would be different.