2011 Woot! Calendar

Will this tell me when to buy a bag of crap?

OMG people are actually buying these?

A $6 calender - herm.

My inability to scan the QR code on the cover in the picture is killing me.

I have been waiting 3 years for the return of the Woot! calendars!!!

In for 3

I love the calendar, but seriously… I don’t need it. Sorry. But, i’m in for some handy caddy’s. xo

If it had been Woot Monkeys on the calendar, I’d have bought them. Vacuum packed monkey January, Seattle Transfer monkeys in the spring, Zombie monkey for October… but t-shirts? Meh.

What are the dimensions of this?

Can someone explain why spend even $1 with free shipping on this item? I guess people have alot of extra money to waste, I am more than happy to help out and take some off your hands!!! LMK.

I would only buy this if I could find good reviews… it does appear that this is the cheapest you can get this calendar anywhere…

Can it play DOOM?


Can’t say I’m thrilled with the designs chosen for the calendar but I’m curious about the history and such. In for one.

Includes significant dates in Woot! history. Would it be asking too much for it to include dates of upcoming Woot-offs so I can plan my year?

Not diggin the t-shirt theme Woot.

The calendar won’t tell you when Woot will post a Big Oil Container, but if you pay attention they show when they have done some of them. Those are the dates you want to keep in mind for future attempts.

Isn’t it funny that the first “sucker” who bought this is named “arrival”.

Those who arrive early are suckers. :stuck_out_tongue:

The QR code was only the URL. Not a magical bag of crap treasure hunt.

NO! 3 calendars for $7.97

What no coupon codes for free shipping?

in for 3…most likely it will sit on Feb for the entire year.