2011 Woot! Calendar

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2011 Woot! Calendar
$0.49 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Guaranteed to arrive by mid-2012.

There’s your deal breaker…

Must be the new monkey


By the way, did anyone find any special discounts by buying this calendar before?

is it leap year compatible?

ah, methinks the end is near… <=\

I was half expecting a refurbished 2010 Calendar.

I still haven’t received my 1st order of this. I think it’s coming tomorrow.

Who would want one of these?

previous woot 50 cents cheaper this time

Darn, I just bought the “Big Breasted Women” calender at Amazon.

Well we needed something to stop the madness…

50 cents with five dollar shipping. =D

$5 shipping for a calender?


Wow. Twelve months of pure woot! awesomeness.

New? Meh. I want a refurb calendar

these should be sent free to woot buyers