2012 Woot Monkey Games

Time for Monkey Games! What color will you be rooting for?

Black. Not only will we win, the shirt looks awesome!

Can these deals sell out? Or do they just produce the number ordered?

The old monkeys are back!

** THANK YOU SO MUCH!** for bringing back the old monkeys. In for a seven pack and a Shirt and a sweatshirt maybe.

I did notice a certain color dominance in the selections. I’m just saying.

By purchasing a certain color, am I casting a vote for one team or another?

How bout next time there be an option for a color pack that would include the t-shirt, monkey and sweatshirt. That way we can rep the color all out.

Anyone know what is the torch of crap the description said would be sent out with the shirts?


And as a side note, I WANT TO PLAY!

Excellent suggestion! Team pride is SERIOUS business.

I’d like to strongly suggest that you consider that lovely green color. Just saying.

I meant Green.

I went for a green shirt, 7-pack of monkeys and the water bottle.

8 dollars more for 2 monkeys ?!?!?!

Just let Woot take your money. The old monkeys are priceless and you get the green which is a highly exclusive monkey…so i have heard

Cranberry! Go Team Assets!


I almost gave up on getting any more real woot monkeys (I am a firm believe that an evil presence had entered the purchasing dept at woot and substituted the masked monkeys for our beloved hooded monkeys).

These monkeys bring bring my total up to about 350 (yes, I am certifiably crazy).

I’ll let you guys in on a secret…Tangerine Tango may be the 2012 color of the year, but CRANBERRY is going to be the color for 2013. Get in early before they’re gone :o)