2012 Woot Monkey Games

thank you wOOt! for bringing back the old monkeys!!!

In for a 3-peat of the 7 pack!


Someone in the Woot Design Dept. wasn’t on the ball. They should have had the 5 pack in the Olympic colors (blue, yellow, black, green and red) with the remaining two colors in the 7 pack.

But then again, it forces us (yeah, right!) to buy the 7 pack to complete the “Olympic” set. :wink:

But I too, must second (or third or fourth!) the joy in seeing the proper mask on the monkeys.

It felt like they were “replacements”, and not original Woot Monkeys!!

I wake up and find more woot monkeys to buy! Great way to start the week for me! :slight_smile:


It’s the old Woot Monkeys!!! jumps around They brought them back!!

Let’s hope they’re here to stay!

The wife will kill be for adding to my collection, but… I… MUST… buy…

Well, I might consider it … for certain considerations that is. :wink:

So which departments are behind the colors? Cranberry appears to be “Team Assets”.

In for a seven pack! Long live the old monkeys! Now to pick a team…

It’s not pink, it’s salmon.

Go team Salmon!

Though casting your vote via shirt is not really what we were going for, here’s the teams for this year:

Red- Seattle Devs
Brown- Seattle Creative

Navy- “Customer Obsessed Wooters!” our warehouse and shirt staff
Kelly Green- “Flying Pu” wholesale and setup
Slate- “TACOCAT” CS, Deals.Woot & HR
Cranberry- “The Assets” Accounting, Business Systems & RMA
Black- “Honey Badgers” Purchasing


wonder why this isn’t included with the monkey description?


Now officially ordered: 21 monkeys, 7 t-shirts, and a water bottle.

The collection grows!

Decisions, decisions. Go with the Green TT suggested, or wait for Inky to confirm which Seattle color to buy. Or go with Cranberry or Red to (assumption is the mother of all … ) support fellow IT minions. :tongue:

Also includes us Analysts. Go Black Honey Badgers!


I don’t have any REAL woot monkeys!


Just bought one shirt in Navy with a coupon I just got from JumboWoot!

Thank you JumboWoot! :smiley:

It’s a tough call. Coffee brown is quite nice though. :slight_smile: I might be biased! I think the writers need love for all the hard work they do.

(I didn’t realize you were waiting on me! I would have come back to this thread much sooner.)

Let’s Go COWs?

I thought I was safe from spending my entire paycheck this week. No woot-off and no shirts in the shirt side sale I wanted. Then I check here…darn it, I had to deposit money just to buy the monkeys, and on my Wednesday payday, I’ll be buying some shirts and a water bottle. Why must you take all my monies woot!!! Ahhhhhhh!